Find your Morning Glory – and give up brushing your tongue!

So… brushing your teeth is an all round top idea, I’m sure you’d agree. Brushing your tongue… from a chinese medicine perspective, not so much! I’m not even kidding. Your digestion starts in your mouth. Your tongue coat reveals so much about you and in TCM, we don’t advocate for it. I’ve done a bit of thinking about it, and I guess the real issue is that the coat is there for a reason, and when we brush it away, we reveal the tongue body, much like we would the gut lining with antibiotics and we heard what a disaster that can be with Dorota and last weeks probiotic segment.

Can you imagine my shock when Mel told us, part of her morning routine involved scrubbing the bajongers out of her tongue! Yes, this is her reaction….


And so the girls nutted out their morning routines. My morning routine is more like a checklist to get myself and the kids out the door. But what I’ve since realised is, I have a nighttime routine – and that involves several things I like to do once the kids (including the big kid) goes to bed. It’s ‘my’ time and it’s important to me.

Just watch it already – you’ll not only get some new ideas, but make sure your bladder is empty – it’s a bit of a laugh!


And for the recipe all packed up nicely – head over here to Sam’s blog. That chick has got your back!


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  • February 15, 2013 By Rebecca 5:24 pm

    Can you do a seswsion on how to make coconut yoghurt pleasepleaseplease! I can’t have dairy and don’t like eating soy but miss my yoghurt. Have tried a yummy one from the fresh food market but would love to make my own. ta

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