Episode 55 – Love Factually – The Science of Love with Laura Mucha

In a world full of confusion, how is it that we truly understand love?  Our guest, Laura Mucha dedicated the past decade to embracing the science of love after interviewing hundreds of strangers of all ages from over 40 countries, asking them of their most intimate a personal accounts.  In this episode you’ll hear her findings which draw on both the psychology and philosophy of love, lust and everything in-between.

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part 1
3.00 – Laura wanted to know about how relationships worked, so she asked everyone she knew, all around the globe.
4.45 – the results of speaking to 400 people and 50 academics about their experiences.
6.10 – infidelity is something that is a broad umbrella and it’s not spoken about in a non-judgemental way, but the statistics of how many people do it are hard to nail.
7.00 – most people think infidelity is terrible but most people have done it.
10.30 – what kind of attachment style are you? It says a lot about how you are in relationships.
16.13 – are you in lust or are you in love?
18.30 – the stages are, lust, romantic love, companionate love
part 2
1.00 – what other factors are at play in making them attractive when you meet someone? Hormones? Music, temperature of the room, alcohol!
2.00 – lap dancers get paid more when they’re ovulating!
3.30 – if you’re on the pill your hormones act differently, so maybe you’re attracted to someone you wouldn’t normally be!
5.30 – your initial connection or chemistry has little to do with how that partner will be in a relationship, you use your subconscious and logic together.
9.30 – love at first sight is not a real thing. love requires time.
13.00 – someone went to Laura’s talk and told her that after reading her book they were going to divorce their husband!
14.22 – judging or listening to the person sharing their story?



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