Episode 43 – Celery Juice and Yoga with Lola Berry

We can’t get enough of Lola Berry. Our favourite nutritionist, best-selling author and yogi chats all things yoga with Cecelia and Nat but the episode takes a few unexpected turns including detailed discussion on bowel motions and celery juice. This episode will definitely have you laughing and feeling happier, healthier and better (with or without celery juice).

Listen to the podcast here.

6.07 – Celery Juice, really what’s the deal?
9.31 – Go on a cleanse, especially if you ate too many mince pies at xmas.
14.20 – Lola talks about yoga, what you can get from it and the challenges of being motivated.
16.30 – everyone needs a health cheer squad
17.45 – why lola loves TCM – poo needle
18.53 – Bikram can be a good way to get into Yoga
25.00 – Lola’s recipes that are healthy and delicious, Cecelia need’s convincing on one of them!

Be sure to catch this episode either via iTunes or podcast one.

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