Episode 25 – Breast Implant Illness – Melanie Ward’s Road To Recovery

Linking illness to implants was the last item on Mel’s long list, but her unexplained symptoms lead her on a path of discovery she never anticipated. Just 6 weeks after having her implants removed, Cecelia and I had a chat with Mel to learn about her experience with implants, the research she unveiled, how these devices remain loosely regulated (or unregulated) and discuss just how many women are suffering without realising. Most of all, this episode discusses some very serious issues around breast health and here at the Wellness Collective, we’re passionate to support Mel and create awareness to this world wide issue that continues to go undiagnosed.




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In today’s episode;

03:30 – Our lovely guest Melanie Ward shares her story with breast augmentation.

04:20 – We discuss why many women struggle with body image after having a baby.

05:50 – Do you get regular check ups after you have a breast augmentation?

06:30 – Why are we only finding out the ramifications of implants now?

07:05 – Implants were taken off the market for a period of time because they were causing adverse reactions within women. Did the regulations change after this?

08:10 – Mel tells us about studies which prove breast implants are unsafe.

09:35 – Are the 40.000 women who have breast implants put in every year in Australia able to give true informed consent?

10:00 – Did Mel actually feel better after her breast augmentation?

10:30 – Mel goes through all the health and hormone issues she went through in the 10 years following her surgery.

14:05 – We live in a go-go-go society where it’s a badge of honour if you’re busy – what is this doing to us?

15:00 – Why does breast implant illness get called the “crazy lady disease”?

16:20 – Mel explains how many chemicals are found in implants and how this can affect your body.

18:00 – What happened when Mel decided to take her implants out?

21:30 – Cecelia asked Mel about her doctor’s reaction when she told him she wanted to take her implants out.

22:40 – Why it’s so important to follow your intuition, seek a second opinion and be your own advocate.

24:30 – How is Mel feeling after her breast implants have been taken out?

28:05 – Would any foreign object in your body cause symptoms and side effects?

30:00 – Why we can’t always assume the authorities have everyone’s best interest at heart.

30:55 – Mel talks about the sisterhood of survivors she’s been able to connect with.

33:30 – To add on to this episode we decided to talk to our resident holistic plastic surgeon Anthony Youn to ask for a little more information about regulations of implants.

35:25 – A lot of research is still needed but in the meantime it’s important start monitoring your health.

36:00 – Let’s spread the awareness!


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