Episode 24 – How Wood Makes You Healthier with Peter Maddison

Apparently, wood makes us nicer humans. According to a study by Forrest and Wood, home and working environments which contain wood make us happier and healthier. Cecelia and I caught up with Grand Designs host, Peter Maddison to learn more about why we can all benefit from wood in our lives and how we can look at clever ways of enjoying wood in our own environments a little more. As always, nature knows best.




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In today’s episode you’ll learn;

00:50 – You are a product of your environment. This week, we’re talking about our environment with Peter Maddison, architect and Grand Designs Australia host.

03:30 –Wellness + Wood = Productivity at workplaces – Peter explains why we need wood (and other environmental factors) to be well and perform well at work.

04:40 – What makes a workplace healthy?

06:00 – The difference between timber and other materials and why it’s important to have wood around us.

07:30 –Peter explains what Biophilic Design is and why we have a natural affinity with this.

08:20 – Why plants are important and seem to be making a comeback.

09:40 – Crime and a less natural environment, could they be related?

10:30 – Peter explains what VOC’s are and why they can affect our wellbeing.

11:20 – We asked Peter what we can do to create a better working and living environment for ourselves.

12:20 – Peter talks about sustainable buildings and using more wood and natural materials in his designs.

15:15 – We asked Peter if he’s come across many timber buildings in his travels that have blown him away.

16:20 – How about the structure of buildings? We wondered if frames are still made of timber.

17:30 – Cecelia talks about the renovations at her house and how much wood she used.

19:10 – Why is timber a great choice for furniture?

19:30 – We asked Peter what his house looks like and if there’s lots of wood.

22:00 – Timber toys, are they better?

22:40 – How can we find out more about the choices of wood?


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