Episode 152:  Sexless in the City with Kat Harris
Kat believes there is no such thing as casual sex.  Growing up in the South (USA), Kat was raised with a strict church upbringing and never really questioned the traditional rules and beliefs when it came to sex.  In this episode, Cecelia and Nat chat with her about what changed and why she decided it was time to reframe her thoughts around sex to allow her to live her best life.

In this episode you’ll also hear discussion around;
+ how her growing curiosity sparked the process of questioning and redefining

+ where Kat got to a turning point and what changed to put her on a new path

+ why it is important to take ownership of our own lives at whatever season we are in

+ the pressure to ‘couple up’ and why being single doesn’t make you a second class citizen

+ why our brains don’t allow for casual sex and why

You can find out more at @therefinedwoman or www.therefinedwoman.com

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