Episode 147:  Reality of Reality TV with Zoe George

Cecelia and Nat got to chat with 2020 Big Brother housemate, Zoe George.  Zoe has spent years keeping women, especially mums laughing with her blog, ’The Subtle Mummy.’  In this episode Zoe shares of her experience in Big Brother and shares why she “did it for all the Mum’s.”

In this episode you’ll hear Zoe talk about;

+ Her own experience in Big Brother and why she decided to apply (before her husband even knew)

+ How she adjusted to being one of the more ’senior’ housmates

+ What goes on behind the scenes

+ Stories about playing pranks (as she’s know for)

+ How to find yourself as a mother again, after the toddler years

+ How being open about health and after childbirth is so important for woemn

+ Why she decided to share publicly that she “broke her vagina”

This and more!

Connect with Zoe:

Blog: http://www.thesubtlemummy.com/ 

Instagram: @thesubtlemummy

Listen to the podcast here. 

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