Episode 11 – Getting Your Period Back When It’s Been AWOL – With Claire Baker

Periods.  There, we said it.  Cecelia’s most unfavorite topic – we’re going there in this episode.  She admits, she doesn’t really like talking about it (at all which makes for a very interesting podcast!).  As personal as the topic is, we either have one or we are waiting for one (or it’s gone awol) and for a lot of women, periods aren’t something you’ve necessarily been able to take for granted.

Since IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY (I can hear you singing in your best voice.. “Happy Birthday To You!”) we’ve dedicated this month to our most talked about topic, periods, PCOS and hormones!  Something for everybody.

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In this special episode with the ever gorgeous Claire Baker – an inspirational woman on a mission to help educate us all about how we can love our menstrual cycle that little bit more.  Her own experience of not having a period, etched out her path to where she is today – inspiring and educating women to ‘adoring their cycle.’  In this episode we dig into the nitty gritty of menstruation, PCOS and more.  Here’s the low down;

6:12 Claire shares of her experiencing of coming of the pill and nothing happening – periods didn’t return and Claire waited and waited… it took an entire year of so much learning for her body to begin cycling again.

7:00 The Period Party Podcast with my gal Nicole Jardim – how we get caught out without ‘supplies’ during the period time – nobody is exempt!

7:47 As part of The Wellness Collective (exclusive) Radio Show, we talk to Fiona McCulloch about how long it should take for the period to return.  To access this and learn about the Membership .  It’s important to learn why it can take such a long time to make a comeback.

8:44 How Claire was terrified that she had ‘screwed’ up her body and that her body had maybe forgotten how to ovulate and cycle and how the personal work she did in this time counted most.

11:05 “A lot of young women bypass the early stages of PCOS (as in they don’t show symptoms even though they have it) when they are very active as teenagers.”  This is a common issue with miss diagnosis with PCOS.

12:00 The emotions were a huge deal for Claire to deal with during the time where she didn’t have a period.  All the while how her health was on the up which keep her knowing things were ‘ok.’

13:20 If the pill may be directly related to skin issues.  We discuss.

15:00 How teenagers may be envious of others on the pill – education needed!!  Why I wanted to be on the pill when I was younger because my periods were so terrible and my KFC addiction. (confession time!)

18:00 Did you know – the pill hasn’t actually changed in decades, unlike many other medical advances.

19:27 I told Claire that Cecelia didn’t want to talk about periods (hehe I’m nasty aren’t I!?).  Her reply is a must to listen to.

20:40 Getting creativity out of the cycle and using it to preform.

23:35 How I disagree with Cecelia’s obstetrician who told her she could have had issues having a baby because she had a 5 week menstrual cycle.

24:30 Claire talks about her PCOS diagnosis and how that was found.

26:55 The phases of the cycle – how they are likened to the seasons and how this explains the internal landscape of the body.

30:00  What Claire would say to her younger self if she had the chance.

All this and so much more in-between!


If you’d like to access the PCOS Radio Show with Fiona McCulloch, you can learn more (we’d love to have you – come join us and the amazing community of women in the membership!)

Claire will join us for a live call in the coming weeks – stay tuned for that, I’ll be sure to let you know the date so that you can join in and ask her any questions you might have!

I want to know your thoughts about your period and if your path has been similar to Claire’s.  AND you must access her book, Adore Your Cycle.

AND drumroll please……

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  • April 27, 2017 By Trudi Millar 10:22 am

    I love you two. Not only are your podcasts so informative, you are both beautiful humans. So down to earth and funny. So easy listening to you both. Thank you so much for helping me understand my body, and appreciating all that it does, periods and all! ?

    • April 27, 2017 By Nat Kringoudis 2:27 pm

      You are so welcome! We LOVE doing it xo

  • May 3, 2017 By Renata Laurrano 2:05 pm

    You had me at ooga booga! Absolutely loved this, so glad to hear people talking about a taboo topic- PERIODS! At 16 I was diagnosed with Endo and put on the pill. I only went off it when trying to conceive 4 years ago and there is no way I will ever be going back on it. Love your messages ladies and can only hope that other women, young and old get to hear it too.

    • May 24, 2017 By Nat Kringoudis 3:07 pm

      aaahhh Hi Renata! Hehe – love that we had you at ‘periods!’

  • May 12, 2017 By Lynn Finlay 8:28 pm

    ‘Listening to the Chinese medicine way for doing things….be patient’. One of the hardest things to do when you’re trying to heal the body. Thanks so much, super informative and you two are a hoot! We need more of you in this world spreading the word to ALL women about healthy periods and healthy hormones.

    • May 24, 2017 By Nat Kringoudis 3:03 pm

      I know – it really is! I prefer to use the term “take a step back for a sec.” Feels a little nicer. x

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