Ep 9 – Soulful Sex and Loving Relationships with Melissa Ambrosini

Episode 9 of The Wellness Collective Podcast is one you certainly don’t want to snooze on.

Melissa Ambrosini – best selling author of Mastering your Mean Girl has just released her new book, Open Wide – Radically Real Guide to Deep Love, Rocking Relationships and Soulful Sex.  Mel is a speaker and all round self confessed self love crazed expert helping us all to have better relationships not only with others but also with the most important person in our lives – ourselves.

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In this episode you’ll get so much goodness – specifically;

3:49 – How we model our relationships on our own experiences

4:26 – Watching friends and families relationships break down and go through separation and the observations

6:40 – How we may either model on what we’ve seen in others or the pendulum will swing and we see our relationships head in the opposite direction

7:00 – Mels sense is that we aren’t really taught how to navigate relationships

8:07 – Esther Perel in her book,  State of Affairs – suggests one person in the relationship projects everything onto the other person making it a huge burden for the other person to carry.

9:00 – My experience with several friends in my life and not filling their needs in the relationship.

11:33 – Turning points seem to make or break relationships – i.e. illness or breakdown.

12:40 – Mel talks – if we don’t treat ourselves with love and respect how are we supposed to show others how we want to be treated.  We need to look in the mirror and ask ourselves why are we attracting the same relationships.

14:30 – Communication is my number one value in relationships.  Cecelia suggested it’s the feeling of being heard.

17:00 – Bullying, gah.

18:25 – Mel profoundly shares – we teach people how to treat us.

20:10 – Is self love selfish?  Indulgent perhaps?

21:45 – How we may appear too busy to take care of ourselves.

23:25  Consciously breaking up with friends – having the conversation.

25:12 – Staying in relationships because we are too afraid for change.

27:00 – Using Chinese Medicine to help relationships through the emotions.

During this podcast we refer to previous episodes that relate to self care – those include Episode 10 with Lola Berry talking beauty from within and Episode 1 with , Anthony Youn America’s Wholistic Plastic Surgeon about skin fixes from your pantry.  Be sure to check them out and of course please take 2 seconds to rate us – we will love you for it!


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