Ep 8. healthtalks – TOM organic’s – why your lady parts need the love.

Meet beautiful Aimee – founder of TOM organic. Heard of TOM’s? You MUST check them out. I want you to watch this segment, to learn just why you NEED to consider they type of hygiene products you are using. Until I sat down with Aimee to knit through the in’s and out’s of tampons and pads, I hadn’t really given too much thought to the amount of product I would use in lifetime. Turns out – I’m up for (oh and you are too) about 12,000 tampons/pads during my menstruating years. WOAH! That’s a whole lot of cotton.

What I hadn’t considered properly, is the toxicity of conventional products. After all – they are so close (if not in) your intimate lady parts, the effects of this can be pretty full on and downright dangerous. You see, this is stuff we need to get educated on and I’m oh so passionate about educating women on how to get reproductively healthy. Oh and may I add very quickly, the ingredients in a conventional product can worsen period pain. Just another reason to watch this segment. So as healthtalks has always promised – we go to places others may not extend to. Get onto TOM today and get your uterus happy again. Go on then, off you go – click play.

Enter that competition we mentioned! Don’t forget – you could win a 6 month supply of products! Now that’s winning.

Please go on – share this segment with your friends – women deserve the right to have all the facts and make informed choices toward better health. It’s one thing to eat organic and live a life free from chemicals – as we see here, this extends to pads and tampons as well.




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