Ep 34 TWC – IVF: The Male Perspective

Women really do go through a lot when it comes to assisted fertility and IVF, but have we ever stopped to think just how do the men really feel? In this episode, Cecelia and I chat with two men who have experienced and supported their wives through the IVF and touch on the trials and troubles they faced. We talk honestly about how they felt, how they supported their partners and what helped them out most. Here at the Wellness Collective we really do want to make everybody’s lives happier, healthier and better.

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In this episode you will learn;

0:25 Our favourite new review AND something exciting we finally got onto!

1:30 IVF is a subject we’ve touched on multiple times but in this episode we’re tackling it in a different way, we’ve got 2 men coming in to share their experiences.

2:30 We usually talk about IVF as an easy process for guys but is it really?

3:30 Meet Matt & Matt, two great men who have been through the process of IVF and are here to share their story with us.

5:00 Both Matt’s explain to us how they got to the point of IVF and why they went through this.

6:15 What was the hardest part of this process from their point of view?

7:10 During the IVF process it tends to mostly be about the women, what did these men do to support their partners throughout the whole journey?

8:45 Well known doctors don’t necessarily always believe in what I do as a practitioner but some still approach me for help. Matt’s partner started acupuncture because she felt like she needed a more nurturing approach and started studying it!

10:00 IVF can take away the romance part of making a baby, we talk about what that’s like.

11:20 There were multiple times the process didn’t work; how did they deal with this?

12:30 We ask both Matt’s what the worst thing is to say to someone going through IVF.

14:00 Going back to the nuts and bolts of the IVF, how does the actual process work for males? We’ve got to admit; it sounds pretty awkward.

17:00 It’s well known that women’s hormones can drive them a bit crazy during IVF, but how does the process affect guys?

18:05 IVF is a stressful journey, we asked what effect it had on their relationships.

19:30 We focus so much on the female in this process, how do men feel about this?

21:40 We asked the guys if they feel like work places these days are supportive of the process, and them leaving in the middle of the day to do IVF.

23:40 To end on a more fun note, what is the funniest thing these men took away from their experience? They have some pretty hilarious stories.

26:20 It’s so important to support our men through tough and emotional times as well. We will revisit this more in future episodes!

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