Ep 33 TWC – The Wellness Review

Cecelia and I look back on the episodes and topics we have loved discussing and recording. Join us as we openly and honestly discuss where we are in life and the lessons we have gained from The Wellness Collective.

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In this episode you will learn;

1:00 It’s just Cecelia and I today because we decided we wanted to do a little recap of the year.

2:30 Cecelia and I go through some of our favourite reviews – we love reading them so keep them coming please!

4:50 We get that advertising can be annoying for some, but here’s why we think it’s important.

7:00 Cecelia is doing my 6 weeks challenge, we chat about how she’s doing and why the challenge was so life changing for me.

11:40 Why is it so important to make your health journey easy to sustain? And why would I pick food over supplements any day?

12:30 It’s all about taking the first step, and it doesn’t have to be a big one.

13:45 We look back on our podcast with Corey, where we talked about supplements and intermittent fasting.

15:30 What’s the deal with gluten and should we all avoid it?

17:40 We recap on one of our favourite episodes with Pam Grout and talk about focussing on the good things.

19:55 Cecelia talks about an interesting experiment with children about the way they look at life and we discuss how this applies to our own life too.

22:00 One of my own favourite episodes was a recent one with Mel Ward about implants. Cecelia and I talk about all the interesting things we learned from this episode.

23:30 Another episode worth checking out: the X-pill. We discuss how powerful it can be to switch your mindset and how it can change your life. It works for me!

25:50 Changing one little thing in your life can have a big impact, we talk about our own experiences with this.

27:30 Cecelia brings up an old diet she read about in the newspaper, which we HAD to discuss – The Egg & Wine diet. Find out what’s included in this hilarious new “fad diet”.

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