Ep 21 – How To Talk To Teens About Sex With Lael Stone

If porn is shaping teens perception of how we are expected to behave sexually, we’re in a world of trouble. This may be the reality parents now face. Birth & sexual health educator and mother Lael Stone shares her pearls of wisdom of how we can best speak to our teens about sex to shape a healthy and supportive future.




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In today’s episode you’ll learn;

01:00 – Our guest Lael Stone, a birth, parenting and sexuality educator, explains the importance of empowering teenagers to make choices that feel good for them.

03:30 – We discuss the sexual education we got back in the day. Do we get enough information as teenagers?

05:20 – Why is “the conversation” heavier and more serious for women and what can we do to change this?

07:00 – Lael talks about the importance of knowing our hormones.

08:10 – Bringing it back to the biology – Cecelia talks about a great TV show to help kids understand their bodies and helps with the “awkward” conversations.

09:15 – What age we should start talking to kids about sexuality and how can we normalize the conversation?

12:25 – Lael explains why it’s important to have conversations with kids about their bodies early on.

14:50 – This day in time porn is our biggest educator – what are the biggest risks of children watching porn and how can we minimise these risks?

17:30 – Lael talks about a free program called Culture Reframed – a program you can do with your teenagers about sexuality.

19:10 – We are a very repressed culture but teenagers seem to want more information. How can we help them?

21:00 – What impact does social media have on teenagers?

23:00 – How we can get rid of labels and teach mutual respect.

24:50 – Cecelia finally gets a chance to talk about oxytocin, she’s been wanting to do this for a very long time! What does this hormone have to do with sex?

26:10 – When is oxytocin released and how can we tap into it?

28:10 – The importance of teaching young people about their hormones and tuning into their body.

30:10 – Lael explains why education is so powerful and why we need to open up conversations.

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