Ep 16 – X-Pill with Robbe Richman

One pill to fix all problems? The X-Pill might be your answer.  Robbe Richman discovered that the intention of taking the pill, much like in the movie the matrix, provided a shift in how people approached their lives to help them get what they want in life.

All the power in one tiny pill?

You’re going to need to listen in to this episode to believe it.  I can say this much.  I’ve taken the X-Pill and the power in creating intention and attaching to the feeling that comes with this is GAME CHANGING.

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In this episode you will learn;

1:02 – Sci Fi meets modern day.  Seen the Matrix – you’re going to love this episode.

2:10 – How Robbe brought the Matrix into reality

2:52 – The experiment of “The X-Pill” and making a movie real life

4:03 – Robbe’s former life – what he did before he was changing peoples lives with The X Pill.

5:05 – Marketing – we’re all in the world of marketing, in relationships, experiences… this is what we do each and everyday.

6:02 – What is inside the pill?  (you’ll learn, not much!)

7:20 – How it is different from taking a nurofen – it’s about getting what you want out of life by taking the x-pill and how it makes magic happen.

9:00 – My experience in taking the X-Pill – what happened…. The “activation process,” and then what followed.

13:40 – How the X-Pill opens up amazing conversation and once it is excelleated, it can take as little as 10 minutes.

14:30 – Where we go wrong is we get fixated on the goal and this can create a state of overwhelm and anxiety.  The trick is focusing on the feeling, not the prize.

15:15 – Think we want something, but once we get there it’s a total let down.

16:50 – My experience with this theory in the clinc.  Women who want to have a baby – asking them to act and behave as if they are pregnant to allow them to get to their pregnancy..

17:48 – Switching the focus to what we want, not what we don’t want.  Embracing and bring in what we want we create room for it.

18:16 – Can the x-pill cause harm?

19:19 –Intention versus desire  – these can be two separate components to our goals.

19:58 – The two themes – people either want freedom or love/acceptance.

21:05 – How our mindset around our wants can be the game changer – approaching from a place of abundance and passion rather than scarcity and greed.

22:15 – When you’re clear that you want extra leverage, that’s the freedom to do the thing you really want to do – what do you want and what are you looking to do?

24:16 – What happens if we become reliant on medicine to fix problems – even if placebo.

25:55 – we all walk around in our bubbles and we can’t see truth and awareness about ourselves sometimes… Robbe discusses how we can have tremendous relief when we accept our reality.

27:27 – Even for the skeptics, it still works in some way – we discuss.

28:28 – Being clear on your intention and making them realistic – ie rather better to say ‘I’ll do something for a week,” rather than a year to really allow yourself to see that you can achieve it.

29:13 – 95% of change happens in two areas, the environment we create for ourselves and in the body.  Robbe says he can feel the energy shift when he takes it still to this day.

30:40 – Even if you don’t take the x-pill, you can still change your direction when you know better.

I hope you enjoy this episode!  Please feel free to rate the podcast (please!!) and tell me what you think in the comment section below.  I certainly loved creating this for you!

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