Dishing the dirt on clay – why you need to get your daily dose.

Seems I’m always the guinea pig. If it’s not Jess talking me into an enema, she got me in my dressing gown getting myself into oil pulling… and we’ve already visited the risk involved with sneezing whilst multitasking!

Today Jess shares of her love for clay and how it is a key part of her morning routine – to cleanse her body and pull out toxins.

Ha, why yes! I’m totes happy about it. Truthfully, clay really is a great item to add to your cleansing regime. (let’s not forget I’m running another cleanse – starting next week. If you’re in, you better email us by the latest tomorrow.)

But as you see – I’m still alive. Watch us talk it all through in the clip below and don’t forget – share it with your friend and tell me in the comments section below if you use clay and how much you love it!


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13 Responses to “Dishing the dirt on clay – why you need to get your daily dose.”

  1. Danielle

    I actually ended up with more heavy metals in my blood when I started drinking clay daily. Do you know why this may be?

    Thanks 🙂

    • mnfadmin

      Were you using a plastic spoon? Jess uses it because she has heavy minerals in her body – so there is something else going on I’d suspect in your case.

  2. Rebecca

    Is this safe to take while pregnant?

  3. Marg

    Do you do coffee enemas now Nat?

    Just not something I can get on board with.

    Will stick to my green smoothie and chia.

    • mnfadmin

      Marg – I don’t personally do them. But I can see how for many they can useful. I don’t green juice either! I find for my constitution it is way too cold and makes me gain weight!

      • Marg

        Thanks Nat. Are you able to explain constitution and food in another post?

        According to your e book I am about 10 kgs under my fertile weight. I am 57kg, never really go over 59kg. Any good suggestions for weight gain in a healthy way?

      • mnfadmin

        That would make for a very long blog post – let me think about how I could do that. It’s very much a case by case thing.

    • mnfadmin

      But I do clay! 😉

  4. Bec

    Sorry, another question.

    Is it ok to do clay during the day or even at night. I take two thyroid pills first thing in the morning which need to be before food, I then should wait 30-60mins before eating. I also then take lemon water on empty stomach then finally I get to breakfast. If I take clay too close to when I took the pills is it likely to ‘draw’ any of the medication out along with other toxins? Is that a weird question?

  5. Danielle

    Please you are not a qualified and accredited nutritionist or naturopath to be giving any advice so stop it before you get sued