Get in tune with your body and master your cycle

"Is the pill messing with my fertility?"

Does this sound familiar?  

You’re thinking about coming off the pill but freaking out about what'll happen if you do.  

You’ve stopped taking the pill and now you've got a serious case of "where did my period go and what the heck are all these pimples?!"  

You’ve been trying to conceive for months but there's still no second line on the stick. 

You want to know what's going on with your body and why your hormones are all over the place...

Introducing the Debunking Ovulation Masterclass

I’m here to take the fear out of your cycle and show you exactly what your body is telling you each and every month. 

Debunking Ovulation started out as a small workshop for about 20 women in a room at my clinic and quickly became something that was in demand by women across the world.  

Women were blown away by what I was sharing and that’s why I knew I had to make this information accessible to as many of you as I could. So here we are. 

It's a simple way to understand your cycle and your body on a deeper level. 

"Your masterclasses and information have helped me learn so much about my own body and just general female health – no GP or even my mum had this information for me before. I absolutely love your approach." Dasha 

It’s really simple – I want you to understand YOU 

Choose Debunking Ovulation if you want to unlock:

  • why you feel all over the place when you come off the pill
  • why you haven't had a period in more than six months
  • what ovulation feels like 'down there' and the signs to look out for
  • when in your cycle you can actually become pregnant (and when you can't)
  • the difference between the luteal and follicular phases of your cycle, and what the length of yours can mean for your fertility and overall health
  • things your GP and fertility specialist won’t tell you that could make a huge difference when you're trying to conceive (because natural fertility is a whole different world!)
  • ways to manage contraception that don’t involve the pill or hormonal implants  

The truth is, your hormones are actually super easy to understand 

So easy, in fact, you might feel a little baffled (and kinda ripped off) that you weren't taught more about this stuff at school, or after.

The real problem is we’ve become disconnected from our own bodies.

We’re busier than ever, and contraceptive methods like the pill have disguised what our bodies are trying to tell us.

And, if no-one is really taking the time to share this information, how will we ever have the knowledge we need to fully embrace our own health and hormones?

That’s why I’m here: to share the gift of knowledge that will take your body awareness to a whole new level.

After all – your body is absolutely worth investing in.

Delve deeper into the wisdom of your body​​​​​​​ 

If you've been struggling to find another way to manage your contraception, or if you've been trying to conceive, you can often feel one step removed from your body.

Like someone else has all the answers, the right pill, or the right app for you to use.

But what if you already have the tools to understand what your body is telling you about your own cycle and all the hard work it does?

"Debunking Ovulation was a game changer for me. All of a sudden, I knew what was happening when I had extra moisture in my undies. I previously knew nothing about the different types of mucus. The knowledge was so empowering and presented in such an easy-to-understand way. I remember thinking – why haven't I been taught this! The course was a pivotal part of my health journey in understanding my body." Mel 

Whether you need to understand your cycle in order to make babies or to prevent making babies, there's some vital information all women have a right to know.

"I had no idea about my body before [Debunking Ovulation]! I had no idea how to tell when I was ovulating and that I’m only fertile a few days in a cycle. It's hard to believe that was only three or four years ago because it's so obvious to me now. It also gave me the confidence to investigate further and really learn about different stages of my cycle and to use fertility awareness as contraception." Maya

And this knowledge will keep on giving:

"It definitely helped me understand ovulation and the key signs around fertility. I think it also taught me to really start paying attention to what my body was saying. A good four years strong and I’m still using that knowledge!" –Renee 

Is Debunking Ovulation for me?

There’s just one prerequisite for doing this Masterclass: 

You want to know more about yourself as a woman.  

Because once you learn this stuff – you can never not know it!  

You’ll start investigating irregularities in your cycle and look for signs each month on how your body is going, so you can give it a bit of help if you need to. 

What's included in the Masterclass? 


Ovulation course info

Presented in two 30-minute segments, you’ll learn how to really read your body's signs of ovulation, health and fertility (which is not just about making babies). 

In video #1:

  • You'll find out how to properly track your cycle – not just guess when you might be ovulating because you've reached 'day 14' (huge mistake!)
  • I’ll teach you the importance of understanding what's going on 'down there' (yes, in your vagina!) so you can make or NOT make a baby

In video #2: 

  • You'll see what a typical cycle looks like if you have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and why ovulation predictor kits won't work for you 
  • I’ll explain why there are only three or four days in a cycle when you can actually make a baby – and how to work out your most fertile days 
  • We’ll talk about contraception alternatives and diet and lifestyle changes that can help your reproductive system perform at its best 

In addition to these value-packed videos you'll also receive:

Your ovulation tracking guide


This kit contains all the information included in the videos, plus blank charts so you can start tracking your cycle and monitoring your fertile (and not-so-fertile) days.

Debunking Facebook Group


Come hang out with other awesome women who are taking control of their bodies in our private Facebook Group.  

This is a place where you can ask all those questions you’re too embarrassed to ask elsewhere (mucus can be an awkward conversation starter!), seek feedback and ideas from the supportive women in the group, and celebrate your wins. 


Fertilise Yourself website

My first book, Fertilise Yourself, has ALL the tricks and tips to set your body up for a fertility overhaul.  

As you’ll learn, diet and lifestyle are the foundation of fertility. Not only does this book include information such as how much sleep you need and how much alcohol is OK, there are also 25 recipes to get you on your fertile way.  

You even get access to the Fertilise Yourself website, which makes it super easy to find and print out your favourite recipes. 


If you’re committed to understanding ovulation, I know you'd probably love to know how to nourish your hormone health as well. So, as part of this Masterclass package, you'll also receive a FREE copy of my ebook WELL & GOOD (valued at $19.95).  

WELL & GOOD will set you on the path of priming your body for complete hormone wellness, because fertility is far more than making babies – it’s about taking control of your health on all levels.


Once you’ve purchased the Debunking Ovulation Masterclass, access to the site is UNLIMITED. 

You can revisit this information whenever you need a refresher or as your circumstances change. 

At this stage, you might be wondering who I am to be giving you all this info about your lady parts... 

I’m Nat Kringoudis and I’m a doctor of Chinese medicine, acupuncturist, best-selling author, speaker and all-round natural fertility expert. 

I’m also the founder of Melbourne women’s health clinic The Pagoda Tree, creator of Yo’Nuts and host of The Wellness Collective podcast.  

Basically, I make women’s hormones happier than a Pharrell Williams song.  

If you feel like there HAS to be another way – there is. I’m here to provide you with a second opinion.  

I believe fertility is SO much more than just making babies.

Most people associate it with pregnancy, but being more ‘fertile’ can actually improve your general health and wellbeing. And, even if you’re a long way off from wanting a bun in the oven, priming your body now will increase your chances of conceiving in the future.  

It’s my mission to educate and empower women like you, so you can get clued-up on your body and take control of your hormone health. I want to help you ditch the stress, the confusion and the endless disappointment, and give your temple the love and attention it deserves.  

More than 10,000 women have taken my online masterclasses – using the unique and yet extremely simple techniques I share to fully understand their bodies and begin to take back control over their fertility.  

Doesn't that sound good? 

What Masterclass graduates have to say: 

"I purchased Debunking Ovulation to better understand how to track my cycle, to better understand my hormones, and to use it as a form of natural contraception. I also plan to use it one day to help inform getting pregnant. I learnt tonnes of information about my body that no-one had ever shared with me, and I felt empowered to trust my signs and to better explain it all to my boyfriend. Thank you for creating such amazing, useful resources!" Meg 

"Your Masterclass helped me IMMENSELY. I had no idea about the luteal and follicular phases of my cycle, about ovulation, about what time frame during my cycle I could actually become pregnant, about cervical mucus... I was frighteningly ignorant. Sadly, the sexual education system totally failed to explain all of the things that you explained to me so deftly. Thank you!!" Tara 

So, are you in? 

Whether you have irregular periods, PCOS, or trouble understanding when you ovulate – there are solutions for you.  

It all starts with the knowledge to understand your body on that deeper level.

Discover a whole new perspective on your health and fertility. 

You’ll have unlimited access for just $97 (incl. GST). 

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