The Christmas e-book is BACK! (and how you can get it FREE)

Last year we launched this little beauty and because there are so many people new to this space, we’ve decided to re-release the Christmas book again to make your christmas sweeter.

Purchased it last year?  You’ve got the goods but perhaps you’d like to tell your friends that I’ve got their Christmas covered.

Take a peek inside.  She’s a beauty.

Wanna know what’s inside exactly?

  • Your full Christmas day menu from breakfast right through to dinner plus treats and drinks.
  • Food themed Christmas gift ideas
  • Tips to help you survive this Christmas and thrive!

To purchase Fertilise Your Christmas click here.


My manager slapped me when I told her this e-book was just $4.99, mostly because she said it’s worth much more. But, it’s Christmas and I love giving.  You can get your copy now, buy it for your KK present or gift it to a loved one. My intention is to make yours and your friends and families Christmas stress free AND delicious!

Oh and as an extra special treat, for those who purchase my new book Well & Good between now and end of business Friday, not only will I personally sign your book BUT you will get a FREE copy of ‘Fertilise Your Christmas’ delivered directly into your inbox!

To purchase Fertilise Your Christmas click here.

To purchase or give the gift of my new book Well & Good (and receive your FREE e-book) click here!


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  • December 17, 2014 By Jeanette Cornish 12:22 pm

    Thank you, loving you Facebook posts!

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