Our BOXING DAY SALE! 30 % off ALL e-courses

This is super exciting.  We’ve not ever had Debunking Stress available at a discounted price EVER. So in the spirit of BOXING DAY and you having extra time on your hands during this holiday period, I’m pumped to share with you 30% off across ALL e-courses for a limited time!  Simply use the code word BOXINGDAY at checkout to claim your discount.

In case you’re wondering which one is for you?  Here’s a quick run down or for more thorough info head to the product page here.

Debunking Ovulation

Debunking Ovulation:

+ tells you how to understand your own unique menstrual cycle, no matter what your situation.

+ helps you easily understand when you are fertile or not – for contraception or conception

+ nuts out male fertility

+ discusses in depth the pill, cervical dysplasia and the low down with gut health

Debunking PCOS

Debunking PCOS

+ helps you understand ALL hormone imbalance

+ provides a sound understanding of PCOS – what it is and why it happens

+ gives my 5 steps to re-balancing hormones and overcoming imbalance

Debunking Stress

Debunking Stress

+ nuts out what stress is (and it’s so much more than you think!)

+ helps us understand what stress does to our bodies and our hormones

+ provides tangible tools to help manage and overcome stress

Debunking stress is appropriate for ALL – men and women alike.

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7 Responses to “Our BOXING DAY SALE! 30 % off ALL e-courses”

  1. Debbie Kelly

    Hi Nat, just enquiring about the Debunking Stress. Does this course talk about stress hormones, cortisol and the whole endocrine system?

  2. Danni

    Ok so how the heck to I purchase? I thought it was just because I was trying from my pone the other day, but now I’m trying again on my computer, and there’s no ‘purchase now’ button or anything else that will take me to buy it!
    I’ve never had replies to my other comments on your blog though, so I’m wondering if this one will be the same :/
    Hopefully someone can help me please 🙂

  3. Kate

    I’m trying to purchase but it’s saying my “coupon code” is N/A, invalid or expired. Has this offer finished?