BACK by popular demand… my Gentle Body Cleanse!

I announced earlier this year that my Gentle Body Cleanse was getting all done up, and I can’t wait to bring that to you!  But in the mean time, so many people are STILL asking to cleanse and whilst we’re not quite ready to reveal the grown up version yet, here’s your (second) chance to do my Gentle Body Cleanse.

I released 100 places, 2 weeks ago for this cleanse – it sold out in 12 hours.  So, with that in mind DON’T miss out this time – don’t walk – RUN!  I’m honestly not sure if I will do another of these this side of Christmas.

Here’s what you need to know:

I’m opening the cleanse up again – but please remember places are limited.  Please follow this simple procedure to be onboard.

To participate, you’ll head to purchase your ‘ticket’ via this eventbrite link.

(it’s technically not a ticket – but it is a much easier way to make this run smoothly)

In the past we’ve used a different system – we’ve tested this new system and as we move toward bigger things, it seems pretty smooth (the last cleanse was seamless!)  Once you have paid, you will receive an email WITHIN 24 HOURS with everything you need to do moving forward.

The cleanse will commence Monday the 28th of October through to the end of the day, Friday 1st of November.

The cost of the cleanse is $29 – this includes;

  • the cleanse ‘kit’ (it’s a PDF)
  • a meal plan for 5 days (this is a new edition following on from your feedback, also PDF format)
  • daily emails including new recipes/inspiration, what to expect and little tips and tricks for each
  • ongoing online support via email

Unlike previous cleanses, you will need to source your own cleanse shake and pro-biotic.  Once you register, we will explain how you do this very easily (hence why the cost of the cleanse is way less).

This cleanse is a gentle overall body cleanse, not a specifically tailored cleanse – yet it is still super effective and designed to introduce you to the concept of cleansing – almost anybody can do it!

The recipes will mostly differ from the previous cleanses but the principles are still the same.

Here’s what the happy cleansers are saying!!

I can’t thank you enough.  I will probably cleanse for a few extra days, but I’m feeling amazing.  Your pumpkin curry is the bomb.  Love, LOVE, love. Xx

and then this warms my heart!!

Hi Nat, I just wanted to let you know how much my Husband and I enjoyed the cleanse last year, so much so I’d like to share that we are 15 weeks pregnant with our very first little bubba!  And after just reading on your blog how the cleanse makes you more fertile… my calculations have us conceiving the week we did the cleanse!!!

Not familiar with my program?  Here’s a recap of why you not only could, but should do it – to make you more healthy and of course more fertile (think more fertile, happy hormones, better digestion, clearing cellulite, brain fog, possible weight loss and just feeling all round amazing!) .

PLEASE please please read the following.
My inbox gets flooded with questions about the cleanses and most of the answers are on the site – but the main stuff is right here.  My gentle cleanse really is an easy, basic cleanse that anybody can do at any stage of their life.  Pregnant women can join in as can those breastfeeding – I’ve got a modified program just for you.  If you have a specific ailment and you’re unsure, just email us to ask.  The cleanse is set up to support you through 5 days of getting your digestive system squeaky clean.  You may not know that plaque and gunk build up, even in the healthiest of guts.  The gut goes into overdrive to trap toxic matter to make sure you don’t get sick.  These daily toxins we are exposed to, be it in the air we breathe or the water we wash in, even some of the foods we eat and simple daily happenings take their toll and will without doubt make us sluggish.  And because we don’t live our lives in bubble wrap, we have to find ways, like cleansing, to help our bodies ‘pop’ and have a good dredge every now and again.
So how do we do this?  We use cleansing techniques to assist your body in getting clean.  It is NOT a fast or a bird seed regime – we eat foods that are detoxifying and very easy to digest so your system gets a little holiday and we restore with nourishing, mostly vegan ingredients.  We give you tips and ideas on how you will feel and what to do if you’re struggling.  It’s all mapped out for you in a easy to understand program – and here’s the most important part; we start Monday 28th  of October.

Please follow the instructions above.   I love comments in the space below and if you have any questions.

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4 Responses to “BACK by popular demand… my Gentle Body Cleanse!”

  1. Brooke loman

    Can’t wait

  2. Renee

    So excited! Just signed up, and what a great way to celebrate FINALLY getting off the stupid contraceptive pill… Hooray for cleansing!

  3. Anja

    Hi Nat. I noticed that the details about the clean mention that ‘mostly vegan’ ingredients are used which suits me perfectly being a vegan. Just interested to know if the non-vegan ingredients used in recipes, etc. are easy enough for vegans to adjust?

    Cheers, Anja