An interview with Pete Evans, of the recent ‘activated almonds’ fame

So I contacted Pete to see if I could ask him a few questions. I positively love this post – I love what Pete advocates for, his approach to food as fuel (so fertilise yourself) and how he has observed what works for his family and his own body. This is intuitive eating – we can all learn from his philosophy. I’m jumping straight over to let you see what he has to say.

Pete – you captured my heart when you were ‘slammed’ over your nuts recently! Haha – ok to clarify for those who might not know, you shared about how you fuel your body with a nutrient dense diet (which my readers are not strangers to), which you were totally mocked for. How long have you practiced eating for wellness?

I began making gradual changes to my diet 18 months ago.

In my opinion, people are simply afraid of change – it’s easy to stay comfortable in bad eating habits, but the consequences are terrible health! I guess people like yourself and I need to keep on pumping that message across – what is your ‘line’ to people who ask what your way of eating is?

I’ve been experimenting with food for a very long time, and my way of eating is really just what works for my family and I. We took the time to take notice of how different foods made us feel after eating them and basically sugar, gluten, yeast, wheat and dairy were the main offenders as far as causing discomfort and allergic reaction goes, so we eliminated them all. Fresh, organic vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds, fruit, pasture fed and ethically raised meat, poultry and fish, are the foods that contribute to allowing us to physically and mentally run at optimum levels, so that’s what we choose to eat.

Did something action the change for you to eat this way?

I’ve always been interested in health and wellbeing, especially in my early 20’s, but I didn’t really delve deeply into it again until midway through last year. I began reading book after book about nutrition, meditation, and exercise which lead me to make a number of gradual positive changes in all aspects of my life, and I can honestly say I’ve never felt more alive.

Must be hard on location – what does ‘breakfast on the fly’ look like for you?

Fortunately I have a very loving girlfriend, and she takes great care of me ! Nic’s always happy to get up early and make me a green smoothie and a piece of sprouted bread with avocado and cultured veggies. And if I’m away on the road, I travel with spirulina and raw meal powder, so I make my own smoothies wherever I am – they’re not as good as the ones at home, but I make do.

What is your ideal ‘go to’ meal?

That’s actually a hard one to answer, because there’s so many ‘go to’ meals for me, but if I have to choose you really can’t go wrong with good old fish, chips and salad. All three of my girls – Nic, Chilli and Indii love their fish, so I often make coconut and quinoa crumbed fish, and serve it with a delicious fresh salad of say cucumber, carrot, avocado, rocket, fennel, baby spinach, chopped almonds and pine nuts, cherry tomatoes and some cultured vegetables. Then drizzle over some dressing made with olive oil, raw apple cider vinegar, chopped mint, parsley and coriander, and lemon juice. To top it off, some yummy sweet potato chips on the side.

If people only heard one thing from this quick 5 minutes with you today – what would you want them to know?

I believe that knowledge is the key, it’s a wonderful gift to share, there’s so much available, and most of it’s free thanks to the world wide web. I urge people to nourish themselves inside and out, and to do their own in depth research and endeavour to find out what truly works for them and their family.

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