My 7 trusty cold remedies

It’s no secret – I’ve been one sick lady.  In my 11 years as a practitioner, I’ve only ever had 2 sick days off work.  Last Monday was one of them.  Over the last week my body has been to some weird, germ infested minefield and back and I’m here today to share with you what got me there and what got me out.  Truth is, our bodies actually benefit from being unwell.  It gives the immune system a wake up, puts our responses to the test and on the other side of it all, helps us appreciate good health.  It is important to move through the motions of a cold or flu – for most people, they aren’t dangerous but a natural, normal part of being a human.  That said, it’s not fun!  The beautiful thing about Chinese Medicine is that it addresses the root cause of the condition, not limited to the symptoms, meaning that it treats the cold by it’s signs that help form a diagnoses.  You know, no two colds are ever exactly alike.  The outcome – you move through the motions of the condition a little quicker, rather than suppress the symptoms which are there for a good reason.  Turning off the symptoms only draws out the condition.  I’m here today with my current favourite cold remedies which will hopefully be as useful for you as they have been for me.

1. Lemon. I love lemon for it’s therapeutic benefits in treating inflammation (aka pain – insert sore throat) and for it’s good dose of vitamin C.  It’s able to do this because of it’s beautiful antioxidant properties which help to ‘clean up’ the body.  It’s an absolute staple in our house no matter what.  Teamed up with honey and mint, I will make pots of this brew to treat a sore throat and coughs and top my cup up all day.

2.  Essential Oils.  At NKHQ we are mad for Essential Oils and their fantastic ability to heal the body.  Depending on your condition, there is absolutely an Essential Oil to match.  When treating congestion, coughs, colds, flus and respiratory problems we use the combination of Lemongrass, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Lavender and will put this into an electric oil diffuser with an auto off switch to mist well into the night time.  We generally have these in stock at the clinic.

3.  Salt Therapy.  Us Kringo’s are mad fans of Salt Rooms.  Our favourite haunt is Salts of the Earth.  These amazing rooms draw on the benefits of extremely fine salt that is dispersed into the air, making it’s way into your respiratory system to help detoxify, disperse and break down congestion.  The benefits of salt therapy aren’t limited to respiratory conditions.  The use of salt is widely used to treat skin issues and irritation too.  Salts of the Earth are wonderful supporters of ours and have generously created an offer for my readers.

Mention Nat Kringoudis at Salts of the Earth to receive your BUY ONE GET TWO FREE offer!  Limited to one per person.

4.  Honey.  Honey is a natural antibiotic.  It’s super useful to also help soothe coughs and sore throats.  It’s recognised also for it’s wound healing ability – which to me translates to healing a red and irritated throat.  Because of its lubricating nature, I find it really beneficial to treating nasty coughs.

5. Liposomal Vitamin C.  Unlike regular vitamin C, Liposomal Vitamin C isn’t digested but rather immediately absorbed meaning high doses can be taken.  The benefit here is that it directly goes to work on boosting the immune system to fight off the pesky cold or flu.  It can be a little tricky to purchase.  I generally order ours online.

6.  Juice.  The benefits of juices can be wonderful to not only support the immune system but also treat sore throats and inflammation.  This blend here from Pressed Juices is a perfect blend of minerals (thanks to the Himalayan salt which helps to detoxify and break up phlegm), alongside orange and lemon, coconut and filtered water for hydration.  Staying well hydrated to ensure the body is cleansing and detoxifying is a must.

7.  Soup.  Warm fluids are all part of the healing process when colds and flu’s are in town.  The gut forms around 80% of our immunity, so by ensuring that it is well cared for during times of sickness you’re giving your body the best chance of recovery.  I tend to make up broth from scratch (like the recipe in my book Well & Good) and then use this as a base to adapt to whatever my tastebuds are calling for.  Often when we are sick, our diet can go out the window, so it’s important to know why, above any other time, nutrition is absolutely vital in the recovery process.

There are obviously many remedies and healing methods that differing households, families and cultures swear by. I’d love to hear your fail safe, go-to remedy to get you through the winter months in the comment section below.


  • May 27, 2015 By B 5:53 am

    Nat-what’s wrong with taking OTC like Codral?

    • June 18, 2015 By Nat Kringoudis 9:42 pm

      Suppressing symptoms can mean the condition takes longer to resolve. It would be more beneficial to take something to support the immune system to help move through the motions but colds are in fact part of building immune health, not nice to suffer from but part of long term wellness.

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