5 reasons why you need a break

It’s been all a-go-go for me as of late and it’s so time I took a little rest.  I’m currently in the middle of my Debunking Ovulation national tour and I’m feeling the love I have to say.  As you read this I’m on my way to Queensland for some family time before my next event, because, why not?  It’s a great reminder how unplugging can be a total reset for the body.  I’m absolutely going to soak it all up.
So with this in mind – when is the last time you took a break?  It doesn’t matter if it was a ‘mental health day’ or a trip up north (or south depending where you live).  Your time is absolutely key for health and fertility.  I want to share today 5 things that holidays are best for.

Balancing Hormones

Remember, we’re not designed to be constantly trickling adrenaline and cortisol via our adrenals.  This is a natural response to stress, and in our modern world, we are exposed to so much more stress than ever before.  It really is the modern day illness of the times.  With this in mind, because cortisol and progesterone compete for the same receptor sites in the body and cortisol being its bossy self always wins, it means it plummets progesterone and increases oestrogen.  This is bad news for balanced hormones!  So unplugging and distressing can rebalance things on so many levels.  It really is imperative for wellness.

A good dose of Vitamin D.

I know not all holidays are spent in the sunshine but it’s fantastic where possible to get your Vitamin D dose.  Vitamin D is required to make happy hormones too – just 15 minutes of unprotected sun exposure can fix up some of your hormone imbalances.  Find some sun lovin’ and feel fantastic because of course, it helps to release endorphins too.

>Forgetting about the baby making

Not for me – I’m good there thanks! (imagine another to the mix?) but having a break, in whatever way – chilling out from the ‘baby making’ routine can do wonders.  Having sex because you have time rather than because it’s ‘time’ is important for our reproductive health and our relationships.  This sounds so simple but we can get so caught up in making babies our relationships can really suffer.

Reset your mind

We can so easily be focusing on the negative, especially crawling out of winter.  Holidays can create the space to get some perspective and clarity on the year ahead.  Hate your job?  What are your options?  What would happen if you left or changed direction to get what you wanted?  Downtime can create air between you and whatever is driving stress to get clear, set goals and rethink what seemed impossible when loaded with stress.  It might be a relationship that needs attention or a conversation you need to have with your boss.  Whatever it is, you’ll work it out.

Get your you time

I say to patients, minimum 4 hours of you time a week is key for happy, healthy hormones.  Holidays obviously create the space for even more ‘you’ time.  It’s the best time to take advantage of sitting in the sun and reading a book or sleeping in.  Whatever works for you and whatever provides you with the most amount of happiness really!  Plus it just gives you time to do things you really want to do but don’t always have time for.

Every time I take a holiday I stop and wonder why I took so long to take a break.  Every. time.  Scheduling or knowing when your next break might be can also help continue the holiday feeling.  In any case, I encourage you to get onto that break that you so deserve, way before you’re at the point of wanting to stab your boss in the eyeball.  Life can be stressful. It’s implementing little tricks like downtime that help make it sweet again.

Don’t miss me too much!

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  1. Rebecca

    Off topic, but I looked in Woolies today for the item needed for the cleanse and couldn’t find it. Should it be in the health food section or the protein powders and vitamin section or elsewhere? I’ll try Coles next.