4 Interesting Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight AND Something to Help

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Let’s be honest, part of feeling healthy is loving the skin you are in.  Weight is often a very touchy subject, it can come with a host of misconceptions, ideals and negative attention all wrapped into one.  Let it be known, I’m ALL about healthy weight and so when the team from NUBODY reached out about their new program targeted at new mums and busy people like myself, I was intrigued so I set myself up as a guinea pig, to see if it really was all that.  But a little more on that later.

There can be a host of reasons why you might find it hard to keep weight in check.  I for one am not exempt.  For me, my stress pretty much directly dictates the scales which is just one of the many reasons I’m motivated to help others not only through my own experience but also based on those I see walk in my clinic doors.  So let’s talk about it.  Why is it that one person only needs to look sideways at a plate of pasta and it goes straight to their hips and another can eat it all day with little or no effect.  There are many reasons and today I’m keen to chat about a few.  It’s important for me to add – I don’t actually use scales.  I threw them out with my low fat cottage cheese in 1993.  I’d prefer to help you feel good – inside and out.  So here goes;


Esther Jno-Charles once said, ‘What you focus on, expands.  So focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.”  If we focus on being overweight, we may find ourselves in a perpetual state of constantly addressing weight.  What we see evidence of, we easily fall into the trap to look for more which in turn energetically creates more.  This can be wonderful if we’re focusing on being healthy, but not so great if we buy into focusing on illness.  Same goes for weight.

Our relationship with food greatly plays into this. If each and every time we look at a plate and fear it will go straight to our hips; chances are, that’s exactly where we are unconsciously sending it (well not directly, but you get the drift).  Perhaps you’ve heard the wise words before ‘worry is like praying for something you don’t want to happen.’  There is so much more evidence of this available to us.  Want to dig deeper into this?  I highly recommend Pam Grout’s books, E2 (E-squared), and E3 (E-cubed).  She’s dug right into the science.  A must read and something for all.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Probably one of the reasons I really loved NUBODY is because it literally came along like some magical wand and ticked the boxes in meeting the daily nutritional needs without the nasties.  THIS is a winner for all of us.  If we don’t have the right available micro nutrients, our body simply cannot thrive.  Many of my patients are lacking in essential vitamins and minerals which means they don’t have the building blocks for normal body function.  That’s a big deal – more than I think we (collectively) realise.  It’s sure to show up in a host of ways, not limited to weight gain but also including emotional factors, anxiety and contributes to hormone imbalance and excess oestrogen (i.e. endometriosis, PCOS, infertility etc) as well as other symptoms like pain and inflammation, skin issues and more.


Literally the biggest fizzer when it comes to maintaining healthy weight for a plethora of reasons.  Stress inadvertently raises oestrogen which in excess feeds fat cells as it is an anabolic hormone.  We of course all need oestrogen and shouldn’t fear it, it is when the oestrogen balance gets out of control that we experience a host of symptoms.  Stress over time may also impact sleep.  A recent study found that as little as 30 minutes less sleep can lead to weight gain.  Sleep deprivation overall affects cognitive functioning, including reaction time, decision-making, and memory.  We also experience heightened hunger when tired.  New studies have shown that lack of sleep impacts at least two hormones that affect hunger – leptin, a hormone that tells your brain that you’re full and ghrelin, the hormone that tells the brain it’s time to eat.  Sleep deprivation leads to a suppression of leptin and an increase of ghrelin.  You do the math, that equates to a lot of overeating.  When we are living in a state of deprivation, we are more likely to make poor choices also.  Bottom line is, we must look at what warrants stress and what doesn’t.  We fall into the habit of choosing stress almost by default because it feels safe and we believe it helps us get a job done. Quite honestly, it really doesn’t have to be the case at all.  It’s a matter of becoming conscious around stress as a first step to managing it better.

But it’s a catch 22.  If we don’t have the necessary vitamins and minerals available, our body finds itself ‘stressed’ – impacting sleep, hormone balance and much more.  Suddenly, our poor sleep may be because we are lacking essentials like magnesium, B’s, zinc and so on.  You body may be stressed without you realising and you may find yourself in this merry-go-round state of stress.  One sure way to begin to address this is ensuring your body’s daily nutritional needs are being met.  Get this right and watch your sleep and stress response improve.

Poor Gut Health

If you can’t absorb nutrients, your body is going to naturally ask for more.  Translate; cravings.  Sure we can form habits of craving food out of boredom but for many, cravings are a simple sign that your body needs more nutrients of various kinds.  What we do – we eat far more than we need to as our body keeps telling us something is missing.  The issue becomes two fold.  The gut isn’t absorbing and we keep on eating.  To truly fix gut health we must address the permeability of the gut wall as well as the essential flora.  This is best done through foods all the while minimising inflammatory influences like gluten and sugar (and dairy).  Providing the body with essential nutrients that can then be assimilated is one of the key factors in steering our bodies towards better health – that means a happier and healthier you.


Help is right here

I’ve teamed up with the gorgeous team at NUBODY to helps spread the word on their wonderful freshly launched program.  They’ve done the hard work, all you need to do is enjoy and reap the benefits!  The program includes the nutrient dense supplement shake which ticks all the boxes your body needs including vitamins, minerals, pre and probiotics (learn more here) plus extra goodies to assist you.  If weight is impacting your health or a true issue for you and you’re not ticking some of those boxes I’ve mentioned above, I’m here to say, NUBODY is a great step in the right direction.  To learn more about the program head to www.nubody.com.au.  You know I wouldn’t advocate for anything I haven’t tried myself.  Personally, I am loving integrating this into my daily regime – not specifically for weight management but because it delivers the goods my body deserves daily (and needs).  Winning!



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