3 reasons why you don’t understand ovulation

Understanding your ovulation isn’t such a difficult task once you know exactly what you’re looking for.  But, from where I’m standing, it seems to be continually misunderstood, confused and to a degree overlooked or completely ignored which can be hugely problematic for an array of reasons.  It is this body wisdom (ovulation) we can draw on to  prevent pregnancy, assist in conception and of course help us understand signs our body is communicating to us.  I want to share 3 reasons why you don’t understand ovulation.

My heart breaks a little more each time I read mistruths on the internet about ovulation OR the questions that fill my inbox. Still in this modern time, ovulation continues to be a mystery to many.

And that’s not necessarily your fault. It’s possible you were never taught the real signs of ovulation.  Coupled with years on hormonal contraception (which stops ovulation), you are absolutely forgiven for not knowing how to read your body.

So I wanted to further discuss a few clues as to why you might still be getting it wrong.

Here are 3 reasons why you don’t understand ovulation.

1. You let your app tell you when your ovulation day is.

Unless you are using a device that actually uses your basal body temperature (BBT) like the daysy (currently 20% off until Sunday*) or Ifertracker, you should never allow your app to predict ovulation.  This is because such apps base the ‘prediction’ on the previous cycle, subtracting 14 days from the previous period to suggest when you will next ovulate.  (yup, it’s backwards I know).

Because your body is always adapting and adjusting to your external environment, your date of ovulation may vary, even if you have a regular cycle.

And don’t even get me started if you have irregular cycles.  This method definitely won’t be accurate.

Fertility tracking devices that synch to an app like the daysy consistently read you BBT and use an algorithm.  Essentially this means the device learns your signs and accurately pin points ovulation.  No guessing.

2. You’re looking (or waiting) for ‘egg white’ cervical fluid to show you that you’re ovulating.

But not everybody gets egg white with cervical mucus (CM), especially women with PCOS.  I’ve shared this tip hundreds of times – focus on what it ‘feels’ like down there rather than what it looks like around the time you anticipate ovulation.  Fertile CM will feel wet and cold.  Other CM will not.  It is a simple as that.

Also – just an FYI… we’re talking raw egg white, not cooked!

3. You may attempt to ovulate more than once in a cycle

Contrary to what you may have been told, you may try several times to ovulate in a cycle.  It is ALWAYS the last time that is ovulation.

So for example; you might notice the wet and coldness on cycle day 12 and 13 and then it is gone.  At this point it is perfectly acceptable to think you’ve ovulated.  But it returns on cycle day 15.  You would then be safe to assume that cycle day12/13 was your body attempting to ovulate and for a host of reasons it didn’t actually eventuate (insert increased stress, travel, less food, increased exercise, illness all in the mix of possible reasons your body back out of the event).  In this example, you have ovulated on cycle day 15 unless of course the pattern repeats.

This is very important to observe.  Your cycle should move with the ebbs and flows of ovulation ie. if you ovulate later in the cycle, the cycle will be longer.  If you ovulate earlier, then you should find your period a arrives earlier.  This is representative of a healthy menstrual cycle.

3 reasons why you don't understand ovulation may help solve the mystery

But if you are ovulating later and your cycles are still 28 days consistently then it’s important to examine why.

I cover all of this and so much more in my Debunking Ovulation masterclass which teaches you to understand your menstrual cycle no matter what AND gives you the tools to understand not only what it means if you are ovulating early or late but how to use this golden information to lead your body to healthy cycles.

Because healthy cycles = balanced hormones.  And that’s what we’re all about.

Because there has been so much discussion over on my instagram around ovulation, I want to help you understand your cycle for better health – be it conception or ‘contraception.’  

Debunking Ovulation is my masterclass dedicated to helping you understand your cycle no matter what (long cycles, short cycles, PCOS… all cycles!)

And once you’re in the Debunking Ovulation members area, be sure to join our secret squirrel facebook page to keep on asking the questions and getting the answers you need.


  • February 21, 2020 By Tegan 9:04 am

    Are the ovulation test sticks that detect LH in urine an accurate way to test for ovulation?

    • February 21, 2020 By Nat Kringoudis 10:28 am

      They work for some but not all. If you are somebody who attempts to ovulate a few times in a cycle, you may miss ovulation all together as you stop using them after the first attempt.

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