Rip off your label – you are not your illness

At a recent event, I had a woman ask me for my best advice on how to address adrenal fatigue.  She, like many before, her told me of her despair and how difficult her journey had been – a long, slow and sometimes painful rolling of one day into the next.  As I began to chat to her about my best instructions for addressing adrenal fatigue (my tips and experience you can read for yourself here), tears began to well in her eyes.

I prompted something more than I had anticipated when I said to her,

“Please remember you are not your illness – you have adrenal fatigue, you are not adrenal fatigue.”


Good Food Friday: Homemade hormone therapy smoothie

Today’s recipe is one we absolute love! It’s something our friend, Fiona Harrington from @fihealthnut has whipped up to take care of our precious hormones.

“When it comes to my own health, I find that I’m always experiencing magnesium deficiency related symptoms. Bad period pain, shakes, headaches and a sluggish bowel. Oigh. This smoothie is my saviour. Maca to balance the hormones, cacao for a hit of antioxidants, avocado for glutathione and magnesium powder to rid the pain and shakes”


Are you blaming old age when it’s really just whacky hormones?

Remember a time in your life you felt energised, generally happy, upbeat and fancy free?  Your weight was in check, your hair was stuck solid on your head, your feet didn’t need to be stuck to your partners legs at night in attempt to be barely warm and emotionally you felt pretty good.  Then something happened and it all went south.  Suddenly you were forgetting things, you were grumpy, weight started to creep on (and some more) and your libido joined it all down south – it went awol.  What exactly happened you might be asking?  You thought maybe it was being overworked, or perhaps you had kids and was fooled into thinking this is the way it now had to be (you’re at higher risk of a sluggish thyroid post baby FYI).  Maybe you’re still here and you’ve never returned.  Something got in the way, between the happy you and the just surviving you.

Skype promo

Come Skype with me.

I’m SO excited to take the time today to invite you to come SKYPE with ME!  

We’ve been offering skype consultations for some time but we are excited to take things to a new level with skype consultation packs to really help get your health on course.

With so many of you spread far and wide, skyping in with me is a sure way of getting some one-on-one specific advise, just like a consultation in my clinic where we pour over your individual constitution (we are all so very different which is what I LOVE).  Because let’s face it, handing out generic advice will do you some good, but the real sweet stuff, the icing on the cake, comes from getting personal.


Finding strength in my vulnerability.


I’ve lived some days in the last little while, almost as if existing via an out of body experience. The experience of losing a dear friend has been a stand out moment in my life for several reasons. First and foremost, I only ever experienced this much grief as an adult twice; in the diagnosis of my son with Cystic Fibrosis and now secondly with Jess’ passing. Sure I’ve experienced grief on various levels losing grandparents and older family members, but somehow, that didn’t feel so gut wrenching, not because I didn’t love them dearly but because they had lived a full life for a really long time.