5 things at the core of your PCOS.

The question on around 5 million women’s lips (or so it’s estimated) – Why do I find myself not only with my very own ‘brand name’ aka Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) but with a loot of symptoms that follow me around like really bad body odour?  PCOS symptoms can be nasty but what’s worse, stubborn and for the 20% or so of women battling with it each and everyday, it can be nothing short of relentless.


The Simple Secret Hormone Balancing Weapon…

I’m all about less is more and I’m all about simplicity.  After all, there’s already enough to life as it is, right?  In the spirit of all that, I continue to keep my treatment focus for patients in the clinic pretty simple too which is why it hit me like a sack of psyllium when I had the idea to create something super simple for women, to help balance their hormones.  Truthfully, my throat got to the point it started to close over (metaphorically speaking), each time I told a women to mix a few simple ingredients together in a bid to create happier hormones.  But more so, asking several weeks later if my wish had been followed through, most often I got a blank stare and a reply, “I haven’t had a chance.”

So I took the chance and made it for you. EASY!

You know it; food is medicine.  I will continue for the rest of my life to take Dr Tom Bryan’s words and use them as my own because they are so darn profound.  Food is one of two things.  It is either of benefit or deficit. There really is no in-between. It either supports health or strips it making each and every mouthful a powerful force.  When I discovered that fibre was a secret weapon for women’s hormones, I was over the moon – because fibre is something pretty simple to add to our daily regime.


How do I know if I’m bloated or just… fat?

Let it be known, the title of this blog post – they, are not my words.  I don’t generally use the word fat, but since you did (well not all of you but many) I used it here, to let you know I’m all about answering your questions.  Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being part of a webinar hosted by Lisa Cordurff that was all about bloating and hormones.  THIS was the question you wanted answered – am I simply overweight (you said fat) or am I bloated and how can I tell the difference?

As somebody who in years gone by struggled with maintaining healthy weight AND bloating (because I was doing all the wrong things, I thought were actually right) I could totally relate to the question.  I thought about it for a while and I had the beautiful moment of realisation – bloating for me is truly a thing of the past.  I’ve learnt to understand my insides better.  To help you understand your own body, let’s take a look at why bloating happens.


Is coffee really the enemy?

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When is the last time you’ve woken up in the morning and thought, ‘that was the best sleep of my life?’ When was the last time that was followed by “AND my weight has been super easy to manage lately too?”
I’ve been exploring this deeper and I think I’ve found the answer to a better nights rest (and a whole lot more).

At least twice a year, I give up coffee.  Let’s get one thing straight up – I love coffee.  I love the ritual, I love how it brings people to together, I love how it smells and the variations of how it’s prepared.  Each year, as we approach the Spring, I set myself up to do my Cleanse Yourself 5 day program, although I tend to set aside a good few weeks (rather than just 5 days) to really do some good inner work.  I find my body loves this.  A. Lot.  Every time I cleanse, I learn new things about myself.  Each time I cleanse I feel something different.  Some cleanses I feel more emotional, some the withdrawals are hideous and other times, I’m in struggle town for longer than anticipated.  But every year one thing remains – by the end of those 5 days, I always feel amazing.


Oestrogen dominance – why you can blame unbalanced hormones for weight gain

Oestrogen dominance is currently stealing centre stage when it comes to hormone imbalance that may exist within your body. It’s pretty simple. When there is excess oestrogen in comparison to progesterone, the result is imbalanced hormones. Symptoms including weight gain and terrible periods, are common.

It’s thought that there are several factors linked to oestrogen dominance. These specifically are:

  • considerable consumption of non organic meat, especially poultry – the high levels of hormones present in these animals skyrockets oestrogen
  • there is a direct link between excess copper and high levels of oestrogen
  • increased phyto-estrogens (oestrogen mimicking chemicals found in things like plastics, chemicals in beauty products, soy products and chemicals in our environment)