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What’s Up With Body Image – with Taryn Brumfitt

Ever been on a diet, deprived yourself because you’ve hated on your body or thought horrible things about how you look? Welcome to the club!  I think the vast majority of us have things about ourselves we don’t like.  For some and some of us have been able to navigate around this and for some of have not but whatever camp you sit in, we can all use some kindness.  Today’s guest, Taryn Brumfitt from The Body Image Movement has take the world by storm with her documentary, Embrace – changing how women look at their body in order to create some pretty special change.

Taryn’s story is possibly something other women have thought but not been vocal enough to share – and Taryn is sharing it with the world.  She believes that we all need to talk more about our body and how we can be completely unkind to ourselves.

You’re going to love this episode thanks to Podcast One.

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Living with Genetic Illness & Facing Surrogacy with Alissa Latto

We’re so excited to be rolling out these new and wonderful episodes on the freshly launched Wellness Collective Podcast thanks to PodcastOne.

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But today’s episode has something for everybody.  From genetic illness to surrogacy as well as building resilience for life, we’ve covered a lot of ground.  Our guest, Alissa Latto is something else!  Alissa has a rare condition Marfan’s disorder and she shares of this and it’s challenges (and how she has overcome many of them) today.  She’s a mum of 6 year old twin boys and is such an inspiration to us all.


The Wellness Collective on PodcastOne! (Plus PRIZES GALORE)

You might have noticed, things have been a little quiet. Not for any other reason than we have been busy getting this ready to launch – and today is the DAY!

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The Wellness Collective Podcast is your dose of all things health, for women who are keen to understand their body’s, their wellbeing and their hormones on a whole new level.  Cecelia and I love to go to the topics that nobody dare talk about and discuss them with leading experts from around the globe to help you feel happier, healthier and all-round better.  If you’re ready to take charge of your health, we’re here to take your hand and lead you on a path of discovery, to end the confusion around your big and small health concerns and come up with solutions as to how you can steer your health in the right direction.


Episode 14 – How to Quit Comparing & Get Real With Life with Bianca Dye

Straight up – Happy Women’s Health Week!  Can you think off a better guest to celebrate Women’s Health Week with!? Hella no! Bianca Dye is in the house!  This episode is a favourite of mine, we get to very openly talking about so many facets of women’s health and struggles, how Bianca has tackled things like anxiety, IVF and the pressure of comparison –  there’s absolutely something for everybody in this wonderful episode.

We’ve decided to start to dig up some of the juicy episodes that make up the Wellness Collective Membership.  These episodes have been recorded in the past 12 months and are exclusive to the Membership for a period of time before we will bring them here for you to check out.  We figure why leave them locked away when they are SO good!


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Episode 11 – Getting Your Period Back When It’s Been AWOL – With Claire Baker

Periods.  There, we said it.  Cecelia’s most unfavorite topic – we’re going there in this episode.  She admits, she doesn’t really like talking about it (at all which makes for a very interesting podcast!).  As personal as the topic is, we either have one or we are waiting for one (or it’s gone awol) and for a lot of women, periods aren’t something you’ve necessarily been able to take for granted.

Since IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY (I can hear you singing in your best voice.. “Happy Birthday To You!”) we’ve dedicated this month to our most talked about topic, periods, PCOS and hormones!  Something for everybody.

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