Episode 9 – Designing Your Work Life

You are the designer of your work life.  Have you ever thought about it this way?  You spend a lot of time at work and you’ve possibly seen quotes that suggest things like “if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life” but not too sure this really exists?  And if it does, how do you get there?

In this latest episode of The Wellness Collective Podcast, we chat with Kelly Magowan from Diversitas.  Kelly is a lifestyle strategist and we dig into career happiness – Kelly cleverly states, “if you’re spending a lot of your life unhappy in your job it can manifest as physical symptoms also.”  We ask Kelly where to start if you’re ready to change even if you’re not sure what the next career is.  All this and so much more right here!

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Episode 8 – The Recap Episode

What a year it has been!  In this episode of The Wellness Collective Podcast, we look over the past 7 episodes, what we’ve learnt, what we’ve loved, what we thought was hilarious and everything in between.  A light hearted listen to set you up for the year ahead and close the door on 2016.

Happy New Year to ALL!


Episode 7 – Do Supplements Actually Work?


A article recently published in the New York Times reported that studies show little benefits in using supplements. That got me thinking, we need to talk about it right here because I for one prescribe them each and every day.


Episode 6 – Building Resilience Within

Life is tough sometimes.  How is it then, that some people are handed lemons and make lemonade but you feel like you cut open the lemon and it squirts you in the eyeball?  On this next episode of The Wellness Collective Podcast, we chat with Alisa Latto.  She discovered that pregnancy for her could be fatal which lead her on a path to the complicated world of surrogacy – but not without challenges.  She shares on the podcast today her experiences and tools she’s drawn on to create resilience for herself and her twin boys.

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You can connect with Alisa and learn more about her wonderful products here.


Episode 5 – Welcome to the ‘slip up’ club

Have you ever slipped up, skipped a workout, ate bad food, slept in or felt like you’re a bad person?  None of this makes you a failure, it makes you human!  Welcome to the club, there’s like seven billion of us!

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In this episode Cecelia and I explore orthorexia (the name given to food obsession/eating only certain kinds of foods) and spill into discussion around a healthy mindset to food and daily movements that might be the missing link in your quest for ‘better health.’  We talk with Leisel Jones & Dr Damian Kristof about food, body image and how we can best navigate through life with the right attitude.

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