The Period Party Episode #76 How Having a Fertility Plan Can Help You Get Pregnant


I met Marc Sklar last year at the Mindshare Summit in San Diego.  Not only is Marc one of the nicest guys on the planet, he is also an incredible Chinese Medicine Doctor.  So naturally we wanted him on The Period Party because that’s where all the cool kids hang out.  Marc runs a successful practice in San Diego where he helps couples achieve their dreams of becoming parents – a man after my own heart!  You’re going to L O V E this episode today where we talk about fertility, pregnancy, babies and plans and how it’s a great idea to know where you’re headed when it comes to your own path to parenting.

In this episode you’ll learn;

  • The importance of having a plan and an expert guide you trust, to take pressure out of you and your partner
  • The winning combination to improving fertility
  • The importance of the emotional aspect of fertility and infertility
  • How supercharging your fertility might lie with testing

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The Period Party – Podcast #75

Busy mums, professionals – heck all humans UNITE!  You are going to totally want in here.  Does meditation overwhelm you?  Too hard?  Too boring? Too… time wasting?  (actually none of these are an excuse but anyway…)  In episode #75 we chat with none other than new author, TV host, mum of 5 and all round legend Bex Borucki (her book ‘You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life’ has literally just hit shelves!  4 minutes?  I want IN!  Her claim to fame – she found mediation through SHOPLIFTING!  Um yes you read right.  Time to listen in me thinks!


The Period Party – Podcast #74

Is it just me, or are these podcasts getting better and better?  I’m finding that as part of the Wellness Collective Tour, we have far more listeners than we knew about (thanks iTunes for not really allowing us to really know how many people love us – ALL the more reason for you to rate us- pretty please).  Anyway, I love that!  In that vein I have to say, THIS episode goes down as an all time classic!  Why – we talked about orgasms and stuff.  You’ll also hear about Nicole and my new venture – I actually create it on the podcast (can you guess?).

BUT most importantly, we interview Kit Maloney from O’Actually.  We talk about all things climax – it’s a cracker episode and you’re going to need to listen now!


The Period Party – podcast #73

Some people you meet and you are simply calmed by their presence – Dr. Aviva Romm is one of those incredible humans.  She is a Yale-trained, board-certified MD, midwife, and herbalist with a specialty in women’s health (Insert girl crush). Her new book, The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution provides a groundbreaking blueprint for women to take back their health by understanding the Root Causes of their imbalances.  Something we all know I’m a WILD fan of.


The Period Party – podcast #72

It’s important for me to say at this point, I freaking love recording.  The Period Party, The Wellness Collective – all so much freaking fun!  This episode was an absolute hoot with four of us on the line and a hot topic to boot.  We got to chatting with Heather & Damian Dube – the driving force behind Energy Evolved the only online clinic of its kind that focuses on addressing all aspects of thyroid, autoimmune and metabolic health.