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The One Thing Robbing You Of Happy Balanced Hormones

Find yourself each and every month wading through a battle of fluid retention, tender breasts, a mood that matches your 94 year old grandpa (on a good day) and a feeling of of hefty overwhelm? I’ve got some clues!  It’s time to unlock some truths as to what might really be going on and why your hormones are begging for little housekeeping.

Making sex hormones is a tough gig.  Here’s why;

Your ovaries are master players in sex hormone secretion, specifically the big guys – oestrogen and progesterone.  Whilst the majority of your progesterone is produced in the ovaries, a small amount is also produced in the adrenals.  It then gets converted to other hormones, including cortisol.

I’ve spoken about your adrenals many times here before but I have to say this specific topic of hormone battle is one of my faves, that is how cortisol can have it’s way with your sex hormones.  This is probably because so many women fall victim to this torturous coping mechanism and it is one of the most common issues I see in clinic to date.

You’re adrenals are super important. They are constantly sensitive to the stress you expose your body to and truth be told, this happens whether you think you ‘cope’ well with stress or not, they are always to your rescue and at the read to protect.  Their response is to produce cortisol as well neurotransmitters to help push the body into overdrive under stress and switch off any unnecessary energy usage like say, digestion (because who needs to chow down on a bowl of pokè when you’re trying to save yourself from danger?).  Nobody – not even Wonder Woman.


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Healthy Hormone Series

The Healthy Hormone Series – Cortisol. Is it standing between you and your excess weight?

Last week we explored DHEA, the hormone that helps keep cortisol in check among other things.  If you didn’t get a chance to read it you can catch up here.  Cortisol is a hormone you may have heard swung around the traps as if it were the Coca-Cola of neurotransmitters – that is, it’s not one bit good for you.  But as you’ll learn, it’s quite the contrary.  Cortisol is one of the many hormones we all need that performs many functions we must tap into to survive.  The issue of modern living is that cortisol is way too often out of control, much like King Kong on a bad day.

Cortisol, produced by your adrenal glands which sit above the kidneys, is that hormone that helps to manage things like digestion as it regulates hunger and cravings.  It’s also important to regulate blood pressure, our sleep/wake homeostasis AND where you might have heard it mentioned most, it’s ability to help us cope with stress.

Cortisol isn’t exactly the bad guy.

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When feeling sick to the stomach just won’t go away…

I remember the feeling as if it were yesterday, the day Geordie was diagnosed. Even the voice of the lady who called me from the Children’s Hospital is still clear in my mind, though I’ve not seen her for years now – a sweet gentle voice, trying to make small talk about the summer time weather. I could dictate the conversation to you now if you asked, a conversation I had play over on repeat in my mind the subsequent days following on from that phone call that changed our lives forever.

That sick to the stomach feeling that happens when we receive bad news is hard to replicate. It’s like stress on a whole new plane. Stress of the highest kind reserved for emergencies. It doesn’t feel like work pressure or conjuring up every part that you have inside you to hustle; I liken that to more-so the taste of adrenaline and my blood pumping through my veins, the type you can feel pulsating.

But the type of stress I associate with heartache feels like your gut has been ripped out and replaced with a big black slab of fear.

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National Ease Day – come join me!

Is it just me, or is every day getting quicker than the next?  Or is it that I continue to add more and more to the ‘to do’ pile?  Day in, day out, I go through every emotion thinking something is wrong – what have I become?  Who am I? I often think, I don’t even know myself anymore.  Eek.  I’m only telling you this today because I know, not for one millisecond, am I alone.

What I add to the the pile is after all my choice and nobody else’s.  Or is it?  Do people have higher expectations, are people more abrupt (you can thank email for that much), ruder, more demanding?  We are all ‘busy,’ all rushing about.  I’m sure the view from Mars has us all resembling a trail of lost ants hustling and bustling across the planet.  Possibly the high expectations we’ve adapted continually have us feeling let down and rushing to the next equally high expectation set to try and gain some satisfaction.

I for one, am a bit over it.  I don’t want to play this game anymore.  But sometimes I’m not really sure how to get off the merry go round.  So rather than focus on what I don’t know, it makes far more sense to focus on what I do.  But more exciting still, you might have seen on Snapchat;

I’m motioning that today, is a National Day of Ease.