Is coffee really the enemy?

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When is the last time you’ve woken up in the morning and thought, ‘that was the best sleep of my life?’ When was the last time that was followed by “AND my weight has been super easy to manage lately too?”
I’ve been exploring this deeper and I think I’ve found the answer to a better nights rest (and a whole lot more).

At least twice a year, I give up coffee.  Let’s get one thing straight up – I love coffee.  I love the ritual, I love how it brings people to together, I love how it smells and the variations of how it’s prepared.  Each year, as we approach the Spring, I set myself up to do my Cleanse Yourself 5 day program, although I tend to set aside a good few weeks (rather than just 5 days) to really do some good inner work.  I find my body loves this.  A. Lot.  Every time I cleanse, I learn new things about myself.  Each time I cleanse I feel something different.  Some cleanses I feel more emotional, some the withdrawals are hideous and other times, I’m in struggle town for longer than anticipated.  But every year one thing remains – by the end of those 5 days, I always feel amazing.

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Pre Period spotting – what it really means.

Recently I was asked to write about pre period spotting and what was the deal there.  It’s so important for us to understand that like all symptoms, it is just a gentle nudge from our bodies to look deeper into the underlying issue and spotting at any time of the cycle is no different.

There are several reasons we might see spotting pre period.  The most common reason I see in the clinic is a decline of progesterone before menstruation.  In a perfect scenario, progesterone won’t dip until the onset of the period, however what we all should know is that nobody is perfect – in fact, imperfect is the new perfect!  What’s more, the information I share with you today is simply a guide.  We must then go away with it and apply it to our own unique situation to really gain answers and the truth about ourselves.


What women must know to protect their daughters from breast cancer

Guest Post – by Dr. Sherrill Sellman, MD (excerpt from Dr. Sellman’s newly released book)

You’ve met Sherrill before – we’ve chatted many times about breast cancer, hormone health, weight loss, emotional problems, menopause myths and everything in between.  Today I’m sharing with you an exerpt from her book – What women must know to protect their daughters from breast cancer.  Take a read – it’s well worth your time and will save if not your daughters life, those close by to you as you are blown away with what Sherrill shares.  And if you want to purchase her book, the link is below for you to do so.  


I found THE ‘period fixer!’

Meet my beautiful likeminded friend Nicole Jardim – all the way from the US.  She is… wait for it – a professional ‘period fixer-upperer’ (love it) and the mastermind behind the program, fix your period. How much do I love her!  She found herself in a situation, like millions of women do with horrible periods.  She went onto explore her options and get healthy and developed the healthy elements site. I got to sit and have a quick chat to learn a little more about who she is and what she does.  Click on the podcast below and take a listen.