PCOS or your cycle gone AWOL? Let me introduce Intermittent Fasting!

Thought about fasting?  Never had I ever thought this could be a good idea until one night I watched a documentary with Michael Mosley and it got my mind in a spin.  Everything I had ever been taught about hormone health was being thrown out the window when it came to eating habits.  In the 80’s and 90’s we were taught that we needed to eat small and often, keeping our metabolism stimulated.  Fast forward to the present and research supports a variety of ideas about how and when we should eat.  What does it tell us.  Never say never.  Sidestep for a second if you will.  What we know today, we will learn something new tomorrow no doubt, but in the essence of always having our finger on the pulse and adapting to each breakthrough we discover, it truly is a trap to become set in our ways.  And there we have it – fasting.  Who ever thought this could be good for our health and our hormones?


5 Supplements That May Safely Save Your Hormones

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It can be a confusing world out there.  So many different supplements, so many reasons to take them. Then, we’re told maybe they are a scam, they are ineffective and a waste of your good, hard-earned dollars.  Yes, it’s super confusing and of course fear creeps in.  Fear is not a great place to make a choice from, ever.

But since every single cell in your body requires nutrients to work and our soils aren’t necessarily able to pass on those nutrients any longer (because we’ve kinda sterilised them…), supplements have become essential for almost all of us living in the western world.  Of course, oils aint oils, meaning that not all supplements are made the same.  It’s important we consider how they are prepared, where they are sourced and manufactured. Usually a very simple test will tell you.  You get what you pay for.  There is a vast difference between many over-the-counter or supermarket brands as opposed to those you can get your hands on via your local practitioner. It’s not to say you shouldn’t take either but know when you need what. That is where the difference lies.


The Integrative Fertility Summit Is Coming!

Do you remember last year I took my sad, sorry butt over to the San Diego on a whirl wind trip to attend the Mindshare Summit. I say sad and sorry because I was a right hot mess of emotion before I left.  Turns out, it was life changing.  I met some incredible and talented practitioners who I’ve been so keen to connect you with.  And here is the first of many of those introductions – a team of leading fertility experts at your ready!

The Integrative Fertility Masterclass kicks off on the 11th of February and is your one stop for all things health and fertility.  We’re talking about how you can gear your fertility in the direction you wish to see it go.

This event is run across one ‘jam pack choc-full of all the goods’ day and is FREE to join!  Talk about no brainer.  I am thrilled to be joining event hosts, Dr. Marc Sklar and Aimee Raupp, as a featured speaker in this life-changing event. With session topics ranging from PCOS and endometriosis to miscarriage and the emotional component of fertility, this one-day master class addresses many of the challenges that couples face when trying to conceive. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to ask your own fertility questions during a live Q&A with the experts!  I’m actually so excited about this, I literally did a happy dance in my office when I was asked to join this amazing panel of incredible experts.


The Period Party Podcast – Episode 61

Now listen up PCOS sufferers!!  This is one episode you definitely do not what to miss.  Dr. Fiona McCulloch, N.D., the founder and owner of White Lotus Integrative Medicine has worked with thousands of people seeking better health over the past 16 years of her practice. She is committed to health education, sharing the most current information on health topics, nutrition and natural medicine and she joins us in this episode of The Period Party!

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Healthy Hormone Series

The Healthy Hormone Series – DHEA and why it may help your acne & tame your anxiety

I’m so into helping you understand yourself better – I’m running a special series on Hormones.  Each week we will specifically talk about one of your main hormones, what it does and why you need it to be happy.  It’s all in attempt to gear you towards finding clues and improving your own health.  Today we’re digging into DHEA, aka dehydroepiandrosterone (definitely don’t attempt to say that after more than two glasses of wine!).

DHEA is a member of the androgen family.  

It’s mostly made in the outer layer of the adrenals (the glands that secrete your stress hormones, mainly cortisol & adrenaline, which you will learn more about too in this series) and is considered one of the most plentiful circulating steroid hormones in the body.  DHEA is a prohormone that basically helps to balance cortisol, much like how progesterone helps balance oestrogen.  We are all living at a time where stress is high and so often can become the norm.  When this happens we can find our cortisol out of control.  DHEA is there to lend a helping hand and balance the negative effects of your out of control and overbearing cortisol (consider cortisol like the mother in law in the TV show, Everybody Loves Raymond, bossy!).