The Period Party – Episode #69

In the latest episode of The Period Party we got to talking with the wonderful Diandra, one half of Untabooed, an organisation committed to breaking the taboo surrounding menstruation by providing menstrual health education and sustainable menstrual products to women in need, and promoting conversation among people everywhere.  YES!! We learnt that girls and women around the world miss school, work and other opportunities because they lack access to feminine hygiene products.  Say WHAT!  In this episode we discuss this and dig into the reality of menstrual issues that many women face world wide.  It’s not to be missed!  You can listen via iTunes on demand or here.


Good Food Friday: Homemade hormone therapy smoothie

Today’s recipe is one we absolute love! It’s something our friend, Fiona Harrington from @fihealthnut has whipped up to take care of our precious hormones.

“When it comes to my own health, I find that I’m always experiencing magnesium deficiency related symptoms. Bad period pain, shakes, headaches and a sluggish bowel. Oigh. This smoothie is my saviour. Maca to balance the hormones, cacao for a hit of antioxidants, avocado for glutathione and magnesium powder to rid the pain and shakes”


Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

You might have heard the term, heck, you might have been diagnosed with it and your still confused about what it actually means.  The condition Hypothalamic Amenorrhea is fast becoming a major health issue for women near and far.  Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) is a result of the hypothalamus shutting shop on your hormones.  For whatever reason, it decides it isn’t going to tell the pituitary the right message for ovulation to occur meaning you don’t ripen and release a follicle each month for ovulation and therefore you don’t get a period either (because let’s remember that a period will always follow ovulation. Always!) So if you are having a regular period, it can be almost guaranteed you’re ovulating, it’s just a matter of when that might be in your cycle.


But say what you? There is a ‘cure’ for your endometriosis?

This article was brought to my attention during the week.  It shared about one young girls horrible struggle with endometriosis – an issue us chicks are no strangers to.  Not long after I saw a call to action to sign a petition to have visanne – a drug to help ‘manage’ (aka symptoms) Endometriosis, begging for it to be made available here in Australia asap.  My heart broke.  I personally suffered from endometriosis for many years.  I was that girl lying on the bathroom floor.  I was that girl who would vomit and pass out in a hot sweat due to the pain.  I was that girl who lived on heavy painkillers for the first 2, sometimes 3 days of my menstrual cycle.  I was that girl who felt like my uterus was being ripped out each and every month.  True to my word, I hated my period with a passion.  I hated it because I knew no young girl should ever have to experience such pain.  Ever.  And so with the same amount of angst, I understand both that young girl and her mothers heartache in that article.  Watching our loved ones suffer is nothing short of torture.  For me, watching others suffer when they can actually do something proactive and extremely effective… heartbreaking.  Waiting for treatments to be available – really?  What are we actually waiting for if we want to be the best version of ourselves?


Dying to lose your period – the story that broke my heart.

Let it be known, eating a lot of ANY one food isn’t a diet solution (at the very least, common sense does tell us that much).  Eating a lot of one type of food so that you lose your menstrual cycle – this is taking lack of understanding of the human body to a whole new level.  But the most disturbing part of the whole thing; (because you didn’t think I was serious, right?) to think there is a person out there spreading this message, appealing to young women (and wearing nothing more than a loin cloth) gets my adrenals going faster than a techno beat in a nightclub.  As sure as your body knows how to breathe, how to blink, how to digest, how to pump blood around and so on – it knows how to menstruate.

It’s pretty plain and simple; if we weren’t meant to menstruate, we wouldn’t.