Mastering YOUR Mean Girl – your guide to getting it all on!


Do you have your very own ‘mean girl?’  Interesting question and perhaps something you’re not too sure of.  My gorgeous friend Melissa Ambrosini has freshly launched her new and debut book – Mastering your Mean Girl.  I’m here to tell you, THIS is one read that will leave you feeling inspired, shaken up and ready to take on your best life.  If you’re scratching you head hoping you don’t have a ‘mean girl,’ (mostly because she sounds downright nasty pasty) truth is, if you are human and you have a heart beat then hands down sister you absolutely have that inner voice that can be all kinds of rowdy and unserving.  She can be a loud and downright horrible at times and she can control your life like it’s nobodies business.

Mel is here with her new how to guide – to allow you to take the reigns and shut her down and send her to the mean girl corner where she can’t dictate your life.  You of course, want to know more.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mel to chat all things ‘mean.’  Watch below to learn exactly who she is (that mean girl), how she’s currently running (and possibly ruining) your life and how you can put an end to her and her temper tantrums today!


My Christmas List (& signed copies of Well & Good for YOU)

Whilst we are talking Christmas wishes – have you helped me with my #Just1Wish message?  Head here for all the details.

Oh boy, oh boy. I’m a sucker for Christmas. It’s like I haven’t actually ever moved passed 1983. I can’t even say I could forgo the hype. I love it. I love the excitement, I love the food, I love the energy, I even love Christmas Carols on repeat. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. It may also come from the love of being social, taking a drive to see the Christmas lights on a random week night and staying up late on a school night. I’ll own it – these very things make me happy. Christmas is a time of giving. We’ve scaled it back this year A LOT. For one, we physically have no room to fit another squeaky toy into our tiny abode. Secondly, we don’t actually need anything and if I step on another squeaky toy, I’m going to lose my cool and some. Where we’ve previously given gifts to loved ones, we’ve had the kids make gifts instead. Needless to say, the kids will still receive a truck load gifts no doubt – but it’s all about simplicity. Giving can still be simple! So with this in mind, I thought I’d share my 5 favourite things to give this season – to hopefully help your Christmas be a little sweeter and to help get me even more excited!

Here we go.


healthtalks : become a miracle magnet!

We’ve gone all Oprah on you today… you’re all going walk away with a pair of…. Miracle Goggles! No seriously – you’re going to need to watch and see how you can claim your own pair. Not. Even. Kidding.

I may sound as though I’ve lost my marbles but really – you’re going to need to watch this one to find out more. All I will say is this; your thoughts create your reality – and just 3% of your thoughts are conscious thoughts. Changing your mindset will help change your thoughts – conscious and unconscious so that those other 97% can catch up and be positive chatter rather than negative. Rightio – off you go. Go make your own reality.


Healthtalks : the benefits of body brushing

Want stunning glowing skin? Hello – who doesn’t? We’ve got the solution today on healthtalks – body brushing! It’s a fabulous way to help to move toxins out of your body, get the blood pumping, the skin smooth and help along your largest organ – your skin!

It can also be excellent to treat cellulite and congestion. It’s one of my most favourite things to do as part of my night time routine. It’s really simple too. You can get all the info in our healthtalks clip today!


Healthtalks :: oil pulling – the what the, who the and how the!?

How cute is this image of Jess? She’s preforming part of her morning routine – the routine we talked about a few weeks back. Today she’s oil pulling! It’s not anywhere near as dangerous as it sounds. She isn’t drilling for oil, nor is she pulling oil out of her nostrils – today Jess demonstrates how to use oil to ‘pull’ out the bacteria and toxins found in the mouth. It’s a great way to cleanse – and way better than the tongue brushing!

We nut through the how and why – take a peek. And if you thought previous episodes were funny… THIS takes the cake. You’ve been warned, DON’T watch this whilst sipping tea. It may come out your nose… just saying.