Jess Ainscough – the true Wellness Warrior

A little over three years ago I was researching on the web when I came across a stunning image; a beautiful woman, so vibrant, full of life and wellbeing, I instantly wanted to know more of her.  I continued to search and found myself mesmorised.  It was Jess.  She had just released her e-book ‘Make Peace with Your Plate,’ and was taking the wellness space by storm as she rawly shared her journey.  Her writing grasped me and I was inspired by her strength.  She was living her life to the fullest in every single moment.

I reached out to Jess and I admit, I was surprised but freaking excited that she replied almost immediately.  We shared a common bond – our passions so similar – we wanted people to understand their own wellness.  A few months rolled by and we continued to email.


Good Food Friday: Easy as ‘ice-cream’ by Jess Ainscough

This might be the easiest recipe I’ve ever shared – but holy wow, YUM! Thanks to my wellness beauty and gal pal Jess Ainscough who’s shiny new book has just been launched – Make Peace with your Plate. If you loved the ebook, you’re going to be doing cartwheels when you read her updated hard version.


Are you scared of stillness? Guest post by Jess Ainscough.

Today I’m calling on my wellness sister, the beautiful Jess Ainscough to share her experience and wisdom around stillness. I’m all about working smarter not harder these days – and after reading this post that Jess shared a few weeks back I thought to myself how important her message was, was not just for those in baby making mode or those trying to rebalnce their hormones but for every single person with a heart beat. And so, rather than ‘reinvent’ the wheel – I’m simply sharing what Jess shared because I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Thanks Jess!


healthtalks – you asked for it!

Here’s something a little different. Today we’re answering a few of the questions that have come up over the past few months about us here at healthtalks; you know like do we colour our hair (guilty… you’ll learn a little about me and my hair in this episode actually) and what sort of make up we wear.

And before you jump in and watch – please just let me say this much. I love red heads. Just not me as one. Ok… now we have that clear, you’re good to go – click the play button! Oh and as always – get commenting below and keep asking us the questions you’d like answered – you never know what we might cover next season!


healthalks – Organic or not?

Today on healthalks we’re sinking our teeth into the organic versus conventional food discussion. Our resident chef and nutritionist Sam gives us her take on what’s best and why. Jess also shares from her personal experience, her journey down the organic path in healing herself from cancer and how this was an integral part of her regime.