The Simple Secret Hormone Balancing Weapon…

I’m all about less is more and I’m all about simplicity.  After all, there’s already enough to life as it is, right?  In the spirit of all that, I continue to keep my treatment focus for patients in the clinic pretty simple too which is why it hit me like a sack of psyllium when I had the idea to create something super simple for women, to help balance their hormones.  Truthfully, my throat got to the point it started to close over (metaphorically speaking), each time I told a women to mix a few simple ingredients together in a bid to create happier hormones.  But more so, asking several weeks later if my wish had been followed through, most often I got a blank stare and a reply, “I haven’t had a chance.”

So I took the chance and made it for you. EASY!

You know it; food is medicine.  I will continue for the rest of my life to take Dr Tom Bryan’s words and use them as my own because they are so darn profound.  Food is one of two things.  It is either of benefit or deficit. There really is no in-between. It either supports health or strips it making each and every mouthful a powerful force.  When I discovered that fibre was a secret weapon for women’s hormones, I was over the moon – because fibre is something pretty simple to add to our daily regime.

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The Wellness Collective Tour Melbourne FINALE

You’ve been patient and I’ve been listening – the FINAL Wellness Collective Tour event is a go!

We’ve had the absolute best time touring this HUGE country, (I never actually appreciated it until I went to every end of it!) sharing everything I’ve learnt over the last 14 years as a practitioner.  But most of all, what I’ve loved, is creating a community. A place where women can feel safe, nurtured and cared for. Where they can support and love each other the way we were born to fundamentally survive.

Here’s what I’ve learnt whilst on tour;


What Really Happens To Your Hormones in Your 30’s?

During my time on ‘the road’ (ok seriously, there were few roads involved, my preferred mode of transport across Australian Desert is in an aeroplane!) for The Wellness Collective Regional Tour, it became increasingly apparent that us ladies really don’t have too much of an understanding around hormones and ageing.  I thought about it.  Is this because we are in denial, happily avoiding the inevitable?  Is it because we seriously have no idea OR perhaps it’s because nobody is talking about it.  In any case, most of us have very little clue as to what’s about to happen.  The blur of the mid thirties until menopause doesn’t seem to get any decent TLC.

Our body’s are certainly cyclic and Chinese Medicine beautifully summarises these cycles for women to come around every eight years or so.

Around 8 years of age: We commence puberty.  Young girls begin to show breast buds, there may be changes with cervical fluid as they prepare for the arrival of the period.  This doesn’t mean the period arrives at 8.  It’s set to show up somewhere between 11 – 14 as an average.


The Period Party – Episode # 79. Addressing Candida Overgrowth To Balance Oestrogen with Kirsty Wirth

The gut.  The hottest topic in healthcare since penicillin – the epicentre of our health.  I say to patients everyday, if you’re not making inroads towards better gut health, you must.  If it’s the ONE thing you do, please start here.  There’s no skimping on gut health.  I’ve been busting for us to publish this episode because it’s a ripper and because our guest, Kirsty Wirth knows.  Kirsty is the founder of Kultured Wellness, a company who’s mission is to inspire and educate people to take control of their health by eating real and fermented foods that nourishes the brain and the gut.  She’s the brainchild behind Cultured Wellness Culture Starters and function supplements and she’s here to feed your minds right here!


Work In Progress – My Eco Friendly Bedroom

I began my quest for happier and healthier hormones years ago – mostly inspired by patients knocking down my door wanting answers.  I overhauled almost every corner of being and began encouraging others to do the same, starting by eliminating nasty chemicals in my cleaning products, I ditched plastics where possible, I switched my favourite shampoo for a more hormone loving version (which thankfully I now love!) and my skin care and makeup is for the most part all natural too.  It’s fair to say, I was doing a pretty good job at keeping my hormones loving me right.  If you’re new to this caper, chemicals found in conventional body products, household cleaning items, food containers and our makeup are all known endocrine disruptors.  In other words – these things are having their way with your health.

But I knew there was still more work to be done and so when we moved house early this year, I decided to do my best towards making my bedroom more eco friendly and I began switching out various items that were also adding to this endocrine disrupting chemical pile.  Turns out, chemicals are literally everywhere and whilst some of you have messaged me to remind me that everything is made of chemicals, I’m talking about those that are synthetic and toxic, not those found readily in nature; after all nature has it all figured out.