What’s Causing Your Heavy Bleeding?

Your body, each and every day is talking to you in weird and wonderful ways.  Sometimes gentle and other times it’s like a fog horn to our eardrums, the words it is speaking to us can be overwhelming at best, especially if we don’t really understand what in the world is going on.  It was only a couple of days ago it was brought to my attention I hadn’t written in any depth about heavy bleeding.  We’ve talked about bleeding by way of spotting previously, but never really dived into it’s big sister – bleeding or for some haemorrhaging.

Heavy bleeding is outlined as being a flow that is approximately 80ml or more. That equates to approximately 16 or more soaked pads or tampons in a cycle according to our recent Period Party Podcast with Robyn Srigley.  That might seem like a lot to you, but bleeding is something that many women face each month and for some, it may continue for days at best sometimes weeks on end.  It’s always important to get to the bottom of why this is happening to you and as a first rule, visiting your health care practitioner may help provide insight and discuss an appropriate plan of attack. As a first point of call, it’s good to tick off any discrepancies with a pap smear.  We’ve talked about how to treat abnormal cervical cells before here and here.


The Period Party – Episode #78. Heavy Periods with Robyn Srigley

Heavy Periods.  Many women suffer from heavy bleeding each month and for most, they accept it as the way life goes.  Well not any more!  Our wonderful guest on the show today, Robyn Srigley is here to talk more of the subject and bring a few fixes that you are going to not only love but be able to implement, stat.  Because here at The Period Party, we love solutions.

Robyn – the Hormone Diva (hella yeah) is a wholistic nutritionist and health coach and her own path with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) shaped her need to understand the topic more and begin to inspire other women to know more about hormone imbalance, begin to treat the symptoms and break free from hormone imbalance.  This episode has something for everyone!