5 Supplements That May Safely Save Your Hormones

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It can be a confusing world out there.  So many different supplements, so many reasons to take them. Then, we’re told maybe they are a scam, they are ineffective and a waste of your good, hard-earned dollars.  Yes, it’s super confusing and of course fear creeps in.  Fear is not a great place to make a choice from, ever.

But since every single cell in your body requires nutrients to work and our soils aren’t necessarily able to pass on those nutrients any longer (because we’ve kinda sterilised them…), supplements have become essential for almost all of us living in the western world.  Of course, oils aint oils, meaning that not all supplements are made the same.  It’s important we consider how they are prepared, where they are sourced and manufactured. Usually a very simple test will tell you.  You get what you pay for.  There is a vast difference between many over-the-counter or supermarket brands as opposed to those you can get your hands on via your local practitioner. It’s not to say you shouldn’t take either but know when you need what. That is where the difference lies.

Wellness Collective Event Graphic

The Wellness Collective 2017 Regional Tour – we’re coming to YOU

I’m SO very excited about THIS.  Regional Australia – we’re coming for you!

We put a call out on Facebook asking where you’d like to see us and we’ve collated the most common cities and towns requested to roll out a national tour starting early next year, to places that we (and many) don’t always tour to.  I recognised that we need to reach wide and far to really help the women of Australia (and possibly YOU New Zealand – you’re on my radar too) better understand their hormones and health.

What’s in store?

If you’re stuck in a hormonal mess, need some solid answers as to what is really going on inside that body of yours, if you’re struggling from PCOS, Endometriosis, Infertility, Weight Gain, Menopause or just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, this event is for you! We will dig into hormone health for women of all ages and stages to get the answers you’ve been searching for. I’m super excited to bring this event to you. You’ve asked, we’re coming.
Please pass it on, I’d love to see all of the women who are keen to take control of their health!

Essential Oils for Your Lady Parts!


Just yesterday morning, the kids were driving me damn mental.  I was screaming, they were screaming, my heart was pumping blood faster than it should have been and Daddy K… well there’s always Daddy K pretty much on autopilot chill out mode.  Mostly fabulous, unless you need a little backing when coming up against team Kringo junior.  I tried to rationalise with them.  No avail.  So I decided the best thing for me to do was storm out the house like some precious princess to collect my thoughts and regroup.  Only issue.  My adrenals were firing along like they had been fed red cordial and my sanity was long gone.  I needed something to sort this family out.

I sped on up to the clinic and made a direct line for the retail shelves.  There sat the solution.  Lavender and Sweet Orange essential oils.  I was pretty pleased with myself.  They made their way home with me and swiftly into our diffuser and there it began.  Kringoudis calm (you can feel it can’t you?).

Lavender is widely known for it’s relaxing benefits, to help to soothe and calm.  Sweet Orange is also a sedative (can I drip feed this to my son?) amongst a host of other things like a anti-inflammatory ingredient plus (my personal favourite) it helps to support healthy menstruation as it is a cholagogue – meaning it goes to work on your endocrine system helping to regulate hormones. (maybe we could all be drip fed?)


Rip off your label – you are not your illness

At a recent event, I had a woman ask me for my best advice on how to address adrenal fatigue.  She, like many before, her told me of her despair and how difficult her journey had been – a long, slow and sometimes painful rolling of one day into the next.  As I began to chat to her about my best instructions for addressing adrenal fatigue (my tips and experience you can read for yourself here), tears began to well in her eyes.

I prompted something more than I had anticipated when I said to her,

“Please remember you are not your illness – you have adrenal fatigue, you are not adrenal fatigue.”


Mastering YOUR Mean Girl – your guide to getting it all on!


Do you have your very own ‘mean girl?’  Interesting question and perhaps something you’re not too sure of.  My gorgeous friend Melissa Ambrosini has freshly launched her new and debut book – Mastering your Mean Girl.  I’m here to tell you, THIS is one read that will leave you feeling inspired, shaken up and ready to take on your best life.  If you’re scratching you head hoping you don’t have a ‘mean girl,’ (mostly because she sounds downright nasty pasty) truth is, if you are human and you have a heart beat then hands down sister you absolutely have that inner voice that can be all kinds of rowdy and unserving.  She can be a loud and downright horrible at times and she can control your life like it’s nobodies business.

Mel is here with her new how to guide – to allow you to take the reigns and shut her down and send her to the mean girl corner where she can’t dictate your life.  You of course, want to know more.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mel to chat all things ‘mean.’  Watch below to learn exactly who she is (that mean girl), how she’s currently running (and possibly ruining) your life and how you can put an end to her and her temper tantrums today!