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How to have beautiful hair

Hair.  Let’s be perfectly honest with ourselves.  We ALL want hot hair.  I love hair and I know if I can make mine work for me, I feel nice.  Often when I post pictures of my own hair, I get many, many comments.  I too am slightly hair obsessed.  When I cut my hair off a couple of years ago I LOVED it, but I admit it was so hard to do.  What’s more, post breastfeeding my hair had taken a flogging.  Now it’s grown back, it’s easy to manage and super healthy and I’m keen to share with you my how.

If you’re a post-partum mum, you’ll feel me.  The hair loss is real.  And whilst it feels like it is never going to end, I’m here to tell you – it will!  Equally for those of you suffering from hormone imbalance (it’s kinda the same thing really), hair loss can be part of the swag of symptoms that come along.  For many of us, whatever ‘holes’ we have in our own body, hair can certainly take a hit.  So I’ve got a few of my own tips today to share with you, since you asked of how I keep my hair healthy.  Here goes…


Good Food Friday: Buddha Bowls

This weeks recipe is one the foodies have been LOVING and it’s pretty hard to miss these beautiful creations all over your social media feed.
So we thought we’d jump on board and feature this yummy recipe from Olives & Garlic 

The ‘buddha bowls’ are ones that are open to your own creativity to use this as a guide and go WILD in the kitchen- throwing in all your favourite veggies.

You will notice this Buddha bowl does not come with an exact recipe, this is because it’s all about being sustainable (using whatever is in your fridge) and showing off your creative side to make it look beautifully colourful and healthy.

Create you own Buddha bowl by starting with a large sized bowl. It should be different from the rest, colorful, unique or plain white like mine. Use an abundance of raw organic greens like kale, arugula, watercress and micro greens. The greens are the foundation for your bowl and are full of antioxidants and nutrients. I used kale and arugula micro greens. Add as many roasted and raw vegetables as you like. Variety is key so choose a bunch of your favorites. Lastly add protein and/or grains. Go light on the dressing. I blended an avocado with greek yogurt, lemon juice, salt and fresh cilantro for a creamy healthy combination that was amazing with brown rice and all the veggies.


Good luck x
Don’t be afraid to post your buddha bowls on social media and tag us !

Thankyou to the guys from Food Wine Thyme 


Foodie Feature: Veggie “Sushi” Rolls

This weeks yummy recipe comes from a beautiful blog by the name of Nutrition Stripped 
We absolutely love this recipe- firstly because it contains Nori which is amazing for your thyroid function (think energy levels and weight management) and is also loaded with fibre. (They also look quite pretty too!)
These babes are great to whip up in advance and can be pulled out at any time to snack on!


Good Food Friday: Homemade hormone therapy smoothie

Today’s recipe is one we absolute love! It’s something our friend, Fiona Harrington from @fihealthnut has whipped up to take care of our precious hormones.

“When it comes to my own health, I find that I’m always experiencing magnesium deficiency related symptoms. Bad period pain, shakes, headaches and a sluggish bowel. Oigh. This smoothie is my saviour. Maca to balance the hormones, cacao for a hit of antioxidants, avocado for glutathione and magnesium powder to rid the pain and shakes”

YOUR Good Food Friday. Thank you for cleansing with me!

Friday!  The final day of my Gentle Body Cleanse.  I cannot tell you how much I have loved every second of this last week! Not only because I too have been cleansing and given my body some much needed TLC but I have been riding your wave of enthusiasm and cleansing love.  It has put the biggest smile on my face seeing your delicious foodie pictures that you have been sharing across social media. You guys are so totally awesome.

SO today this post is for you. I want others to feel inspired by your hard work and dedication to make positive changes and look after their beautiful selves.

If you haven’t been cleansing and like the look of this and want to jump on board for the next round, don’t stress as there is another just around the corner. Be sure to subscribe here to be first to know!


Food prep at it’s finest!

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