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5 reasons why a woman in her 40’s could be more fertile than a woman in her 30’s.

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I was recently asked to comment on this question; could a woman in her 40’s potentially be more fertile than a woman in her 30’s?  Quite possibly, a question on women’s lips as they are forever reminded that the fertility clock is ticking.  Answering the question isn’t necessarily an easy task, simply because it lies on a case by case scenario, not something that we can necessarily analyse on a broad scale.  For many women, hearing this may not exactly be great news when they discover this after the fact, but the truth remains, we can influence our body’s in the right direction no matter what, at any age or stage and for many this can bring about better health, something we can never lose out on having.

There is no solid collective answer and whilst we know that our fertility declines as we age, what that general fact doesn’t take into consideration is genetics, nutrition, lifestyle, environment, pollutant exposure, detoxification ability, how well your thyroid works, adrenals, gut as well as emotional wellbeing.  We must profile all of this to truly get a solid answer. I am however most confident when I say, a woman in her 30’s who is genetically predisposed to say endometriosis, who drinks, smokes, doesn’t sleep well and doesn’t care about her nutrition is far more likely to experience pronounced symptoms (which affect fertility) as opposed to the same version of herself in her 40’s who has cared for her body and nurtured it as a means to steer her body to health from an earlier age.  These women however are not actually comparable when we consider who is more fertile as age becomes a factor.  The true answer – who knows?


The Integrative Fertility Summit Is Coming!

Do you remember last year I took my sad, sorry butt over to the San Diego on a whirl wind trip to attend the Mindshare Summit. I say sad and sorry because I was a right hot mess of emotion before I left.  Turns out, it was life changing.  I met some incredible and talented practitioners who I’ve been so keen to connect you with.  And here is the first of many of those introductions – a team of leading fertility experts at your ready!

The Integrative Fertility Masterclass kicks off on the 11th of February and is your one stop for all things health and fertility.  We’re talking about how you can gear your fertility in the direction you wish to see it go.

This event is run across one ‘jam pack choc-full of all the goods’ day and is FREE to join!  Talk about no brainer.  I am thrilled to be joining event hosts, Dr. Marc Sklar and Aimee Raupp, as a featured speaker in this life-changing event. With session topics ranging from PCOS and endometriosis to miscarriage and the emotional component of fertility, this one-day master class addresses many of the challenges that couples face when trying to conceive. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to ask your own fertility questions during a live Q&A with the experts!  I’m actually so excited about this, I literally did a happy dance in my office when I was asked to join this amazing panel of incredible experts.


Are too many open mind tabs suppressing your health?

ARGH my head!  Quite honestly, it’s a mind-field in there.  Oh hey you say “me too!”  Good to hear, I’m not alone.  As school holidays are in full pelt here in Victoria, I feel as though the mind tabs continue open, yet the tackle plan only seems to get longer and longer.  How do we get stuff done?!  How did anybody before me survive, because there are possibly about 1 million times each day I feel myself whispering (to myself that is), what have I got myself into! But like with all diabolic situations, there is always a solution and it’s all about working out what works, in any given moment.

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3 or more of these symptoms? Yes! Then your thyroid needs help.

You’ve got all the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction yet your test results are telling you otherwise – baby, you so aren’t alone.  As I collate all my wonderful info in preparation for the  the upcoming Debunking your Thyroid event (coming to a city near you – check here), I’m finding myself more intrigued as to why so many people are unaware that their thyroid is in need of some urgent attention.  Worse still, if left untreated, thyroid illness will most certainly set in and because we’re all about fixing it before it’s broken here at NKHQ, I so want to help you understand your body better and get cluey on how to safe guard your own little metabolism tracker – aka your thyroid.

Most women will come to me and tell me their thyroid tests are perfectly normal, yet their collective symptoms are bigger than the worry they have spread across their face.  I’m here to help!  After all, if we can understand our own bodies a little better, we can go on to make informed health choices that take us to a place of wellness rather than worry or angst.  If you only hear one thing today – hear this;


Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

You might have heard the term, heck, you might have been diagnosed with it and your still confused about what it actually means.  The condition Hypothalamic Amenorrhea is fast becoming a major health issue for women near and far.  Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) is a result of the hypothalamus shutting shop on your hormones.  For whatever reason, it decides it isn’t going to tell the pituitary the right message for ovulation to occur meaning you don’t ripen and release a follicle each month for ovulation and therefore you don’t get a period either (because let’s remember that a period will always follow ovulation. Always!) So if you are having a regular period, it can be almost guaranteed you’re ovulating, it’s just a matter of when that might be in your cycle.