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Celebrate Well – your guide to a healthy Christmas is here!

Every so often, I do something that excites me from the insides out.  My new book, Celebrate Well is all that jazz and some and is here just in time to make your Christmas even brighter than I’d already hoped for you.  My insides are currently doing backflips.

Consider it your guide to help you navigate your way through Christmas.  Inside you’ll find;

+ over 20 easy recipes for your Christmas table

+ eats and treats you can make and gift

+ my tips and tricks to survive the festive season

Well & Good ebook is here

Well & Good the E-book is here!


I cannot tell you how beautifully overwhelmed I’ve been at the response to the launch of my most recent published book Well & Good. Well & Good was the big sister to my very first book Fertilise Yourself which was my first e-book. There is oh so much that is to be loved about holding a ‘real’ book in your hands, but I also understand that some people are the e-book kind and some people live in certain reaches of the globe that Well & Good is yet to show up on your bookstore shelves.

So, it brings me so much joy to tell you today that Well & Good the E-book is here and because I’m feeling like a big round of applause is in order for her arrival. Let’s celebrate with a good ol’ fashioned giveaway!

Each person that purchases the Well & Good E-book between 23rd of March (it technically went on sale yesterday) until the end of March 2015 will go in the running to win one of 10 Kringo Wellness Bundles!

Well & Good ebook giveaway

Cleanse Yourself

Cleanse Yourself the e-book is almost here!

Many of you have done my Gentle Body Cleanse over the years. It’s something I have previously run as a 5 day guided program. In the past it has been done periodically and usually about 6 times a year. We have always wanted to assist the running of the cleanse more than this but to be honest, It’s a great deal of work. I want to give you the best of the best and unfortunately that simply cannot happen if I am spreading myself thin between projects.

In between cleanses I have had my inbox full to the brim. The excitement of the women getting their periods back for the first time in a long time, of those who’s skin irritations have stopped, who’s guts have settled and ongoing headaches have ceased.


My 6 tips to survive Christmas

This is an extract from my Christmas survival ebook – Fertilise Your Christmas (read more here).  Here’s to surviving the silly season and making it through with your wellness in tact!

PLAN. Have your go-to snacks and treats and where

possible offer to bring a plate (you have many appropriate

recipes now!). You won’t end up eating something that you’ll

later regret.

TAKE TIME. You don’t have to go to every single party, every

single ‘catch up’ or join in the craziness of hoards of people

at the shops. If you don’t manage to see your friends before

Christmas, chances are they’ll still look the same post


AVOID HANGOVER GUILTS. Know you might have a few

drinks? Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Coconut water is full of

electrolytes and helps to keep your body well nourished, ward

off any head or body aches and will put a zing back in your

step. Keep a bottle handy in your bag; take a good drink

before bed and also upon rising.

NOURISH. Eat for wellness. If it doesn’t serve you, you

probably don’t have to eat it. Remember, if it isn’t a

wholefood, it isn’t really food!

SLEEP. It’s pretty simple. It’s the elixir of wellness. 8 hours is

a minimum.

ENJOY. Above all, make the most of the time off, the chance

to take the pace down a notch come Christmas day and have

your health at the forefront of each and every moment.

Purchase Fertilise Your Christmas here.

Christmas ebook cover

The Christmas e-book is BACK! (and how you can get it FREE)

Last year we launched this little beauty and because there are so many people new to this space, we’ve decided to re-release the Christmas book again to make your christmas sweeter.

Purchased it last year?  You’ve got the goods but perhaps you’d like to tell your friends that I’ve got their Christmas covered.

Take a peek inside.  She’s a beauty.

Wanna know what’s inside exactly?

  • Your full Christmas day menu from breakfast right through to dinner plus treats and drinks.
  • Food themed Christmas gift ideas
  • Tips to help you survive this Christmas and thrive!

To purchase Fertilise Your Christmas click here.