Is coffee really the enemy?

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When is the last time you’ve woken up in the morning and thought, ‘that was the best sleep of my life?’ When was the last time that was followed by “AND my weight has been super easy to manage lately too?”
I’ve been exploring this deeper and I think I’ve found the answer to a better nights rest (and a whole lot more).

At least twice a year, I give up coffee.  Let’s get one thing straight up – I love coffee.  I love the ritual, I love how it brings people to together, I love how it smells and the variations of how it’s prepared.  Each year, as we approach the Spring, I set myself up to do my Cleanse Yourself 5 day program, although I tend to set aside a good few weeks (rather than just 5 days) to really do some good inner work.  I find my body loves this.  A. Lot.  Every time I cleanse, I learn new things about myself.  Each time I cleanse I feel something different.  Some cleanses I feel more emotional, some the withdrawals are hideous and other times, I’m in struggle town for longer than anticipated.  But every year one thing remains – by the end of those 5 days, I always feel amazing.