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Let’s Cleanse… It’s FREE (and amazing)


Liver – step aside, gut health – take a seat, heart care – we’ve got you, emotional wellbeing – it’s a big TICK.  Your hormones are about to get happier.  It’s Spring and it’s time to feel great.

Cleanse Yourself – the 5 day Cleanse Course is here for you! 

No matter how healthy you are, there’s never been a better time to cleanse – it’s SPRING and it’s wonderful.  But even if you are on the other side of the planet (I feel for you… I just adore summer and saying goodbye is H A R D), it’s the perfect time to cleanse.  Either your gearing up for summer or you body needs some TLC post summer.  I’ve come to learn through clinical experience the body functions so much better when it runs tidy and unpolluted. This means flushing out the liver, keeping our gut happy and ensuring our digestive system is in fine working order; it makes way for a clean system that can function at it’s best; helping balance hormones and on the whole, we are nicer people for it.  But also, there are so many illnesses running rampage in this big wide world of ours. We need to be reminded that our bodies aren’t punching bags and they are forever in need of some tender loving care.  The first step in creating way for a healthier body for me, is to cleanse. Whilst it isn’t the magic button for treating disease, it begins the process of setting up the foundation toward wellness, clearing out the backlog and giving the body a little break. We don’t necessarily associate the build up of toxins and a sluggish digestive system as stress, but this is absolutely how your body sees it. When we address excess stress and unnecessary load, we create space within ourselves to thrive.


The Simple Secret Hormone Balancing Weapon…

I’m all about less is more and I’m all about simplicity.  After all, there’s already enough to life as it is, right?  In the spirit of all that, I continue to keep my treatment focus for patients in the clinic pretty simple too which is why it hit me like a sack of psyllium when I had the idea to create something super simple for women, to help balance their hormones.  Truthfully, my throat got to the point it started to close over (metaphorically speaking), each time I told a women to mix a few simple ingredients together in a bid to create happier hormones.  But more so, asking several weeks later if my wish had been followed through, most often I got a blank stare and a reply, “I haven’t had a chance.”

So I took the chance and made it for you. EASY!

You know it; food is medicine.  I will continue for the rest of my life to take Dr Tom Bryan’s words and use them as my own because they are so darn profound.  Food is one of two things.  It is either of benefit or deficit. There really is no in-between. It either supports health or strips it making each and every mouthful a powerful force.  When I discovered that fibre was a secret weapon for women’s hormones, I was over the moon – because fibre is something pretty simple to add to our daily regime.


The FREE 5 Day Recharge Challenge is coming to an End…


Have you cleansed with me?  Some may say, you’ve been missing out on that extra spark of vitality you’ve been searching for if the answer is no.  We’ve been offering various cleanse programs for over 5 years now and what started out as an experiment, very quickly blossomed into something bigger than I expected.  And here we are years later with several versions on offer.  Go us!

Before I dig into the last hurrah of the FREE 5 Day Recharge Challenge, here’s what we’ve got! (and the difference between them all)


How do I know if I’m bloated or just… fat?

Let it be known, the title of this blog post – they, are not my words.  I don’t generally use the word fat, but since you did (well not all of you but many) I used it here, to let you know I’m all about answering your questions.  Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being part of a webinar hosted by Lisa Cordurff that was all about bloating and hormones.  THIS was the question you wanted answered – am I simply overweight (you said fat) or am I bloated and how can I tell the difference?

As somebody who in years gone by struggled with maintaining healthy weight AND bloating (because I was doing all the wrong things, I thought were actually right) I could totally relate to the question.  I thought about it for a while and I had the beautiful moment of realisation – bloating for me is truly a thing of the past.  I’ve learnt to understand my insides better.  To help you understand your own body, let’s take a look at why bloating happens.


Did you see? The 5 day re-charge challenge is ON!

You might have noticed a few changes around here.  We’re pretty pumped with everything that has been going on AND extra excited to share with you today our new 5 day RE-CHARGE CHALLENGE!

I’m inviting you and your loved ones to JOIN ME for the 5 DAY RE-CHARGE CHALLENGE!  It’s FREE!

Think clearer thoughts, brighter skin, no bloating and a happy digestive system – it’s all about to become your reality! Most of us would probably put our hands way up high to admitting that we have all given our bodies quite the ride over time. Our modern diet, lifestyle, things like the pill, antibiotics and other environmental factors all contribute to the toxic load our systems take on and our gut (and liver) seems to take the biggest punch along the way. It’s so important that we take time to allow these toxins to move out of our body and to replenish the good bacteria that our digestive system needs to function and have us thriving on all levels. It’s for this reason that my Cleanse Yourself program was created, to take you towards your best. We’ve been so inspired by the thousands that have loved the program that we’ve created a special 5 day challenge.  All we’ve done is taken the 5 day menu from the current program and made it available to you so that you can join in on the fun and challenge yourself to just 5 days to a newer you – for FREE!

This is not a diet!  Consider this a gorgeous clean out for your insides!