Double chocolate torte

I don’t quite know why I’ve never shared this recipe of mine before.  It’s a good-en!  Like the rest of life, it was an experiment that worked.  So here goes today – this glorious Friday, my Double Chocolate Torte!

Choc mint 3

My Christmas Choc-Mint Mousse

This recipe is a festive spin on an original from my book Well & Good. The original recipe has always been such a winner that I couldn’t resist the chance to take it one step further and dare I say that the end result may be my new fave Christmas recipe. It’s super easy to make and one the whole family will love!

The main things you will need in making the mousse is some kind of food processor and 5 to 6 small pots or jars. I find those two-dollar shops wonderful for that kind of thing. Keep in mind you’ll be serving your mousse in whatever you use. It’s hard to believe something this yum could be so easy and quite frankly so darn healthy. That’s enough from me as I know you’re no doubt itching to go get your mousse on! ENJOY!

raw choc cheesecake

Trainer Luke’s Raw Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

Um… so we love Trainer Luke.  So much so, we pinched this recipe that he shared earlier this week (because we didn’t want to leave you foodless on a Friday and equally because we know Luke, and we know he’d happily have you serving this up to your troops this weekend). How freaking good does this puppie look!  Luke – you’ve outdone yourself!

I’ll leave you with just two questions today.  Firstly, who’s making me a serve of this, for me to enjoy this weekend?  And secondly – who will I be seeing at Debunking Stress TOMORROW!! (I hope both of these things can be my immediate reality – that I see YOU tomorrow WITH cake!)


Chunky Muffins!

Don’t you  just love a pull together recipe?  This was one of those.  Baking up a storm before the kids went back to school – pulling every stop out of my pantry until I darn well made something these little mites would eat!  Turns out – the staff at the clinic made sure there were none left at all!  Anyway – let’s not go on about my awesomeness, let’s share this recipe shall we!?

Chocolate pudding

Alice Nicholls Soulful Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding

Winter has smacked me in the head like a soccer ball this year.  But, in practice of seeing the beauty in everything (even when I can’t feel my feet), finding the sweetness amongst it all is my saviour. With this in mind, Alice Nicholls serves us up something today to warm the cockles of your heart.  Her Self-Saucing Chocolate Pudding!  You’ve met Alice before here.  Go check her and her awesomeness out – but before you do, check out her delicious rendition of this old favourite.