What’s your fertility potential? Quiz time!

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I thought it could be fun (or possibly not so fun but a great way to learn) and help readers explore their fertility potential. I know before I had my first child, I often wondered if it would be hard for me to conceive – not because I thought I had any obvious issues but because every second person seemed to be presenting with fertility problems. In my line of work, I mostly see couples having trouble – the ones without any obvious obstacles don’t usually come my way, so it’s understandable that this attitude began to engrain itself within me. Fast forward several years and now I can usually sniff out possible fertility problems within a couple of minutes – and so I thought with this knowledge, I’d devise a set of questions to help people learn their own fertility potential. Obviously it is a rough guide – but it will allow you to gain a greater sense of just how fertile you might be.

Here goes!


Why your GP and I don’t necessarily walk the same walk

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Totally muffed by conflicting fertility information? It seems you’re not the only one. Patients quiz me every day as to what works and why. In a world of information overload, it’s easy to get yourself in a pickle – I mean who really knows what they are on about? And why is it that I’m saying something different to your GP or Fertility Specialist? And how do you keep sane in this world where Dr Google says one thing, your real life doctor another? Gather round my friends – here’s what I reckon…

Your General Practitioner may be doing a stellar job and you are more than happy with his/her advice. Excellent. I’m not here to argue and tell you to go on a path away from that, but what I am here to say is this – don’t get all cross and crazy at your GP when they aren’t answering your fertility questions because first and foremost, your GP is not a fertility specialist.