The Essure fail – Why women of the world need your help.

As an advocate for women’s health, who isn’t shy to scream it from the roof tops, it’s probably not shocking for you to see my get my knickers in a knot over the Essure story that broke yesterday.  But that’s not necessarily the only reason I’m bashing at my keyboard right now.  It’s so very encouraging to receive so many messages and comments of support that keep me motivated as a spokesperson for you, women, just like me, who wish to continue to approach their own health guided with truthful information.  If you didn’t yet realise it, I’m a fan of you and I love what happens when communities unite.  It’s with this in mind, I feel so strongly to utilise this story to help women rally together for the information we all so greatly deserve.


Your fertility questions – does having PCOS mean you will never get pregnant?

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In case you missed it, last week I asked you, the reader, to send your fertility questions my way because perhaps you have a question that you can’t find answers to or maybe you’re a little shy to share. You can at any time send through your questions and I’ll reply from time to time on here and it goes without saying, you will remain anonymous – ok Beyonce? Kidding. That brings me to the first question – does PCOS mean you will never get pregnant?


Baby steps… to IVF – why IVF isn’t necessarily the ‘easy’ way.

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I see patients from all walks of the fertility journey. Some natural fertility, some assisted conception and some, that have truly been over the hill, to the moon, around the block and back again. One thing I know is this; the fertility journey can be tough. Really tough. That’s why I write here – to share some of that load, to educate and help others make well informed decisions. I was connected with Candace and Chris from our mis-conception several weeks ago. They write a fabulous blog and share about their journey – a very rough, tough and heartbreaking one thus far. Take the time to look around their site – it may be exactly the support you are needing in your own journey – it’s all about connecting. Connecting with people who are in the same boat – grabbing the oars and rowing together.

I’ve wanted to touch on the physical and emotional strain of IVF for a long while – and whilst I see and share with hundreds of couples in this position, I myself have not personally experienced IVF. So I asked Candace and Chris to share with us, from their perspective, how IVF has affected their lives. I figure there is no better than those living it, to tell their story. My main motivation for it is this – to help couples understand IVF isn’t necessarily the easy route (although for some, the only route, granted). In fact, it is far from simple and straightforward as you are about to see. It makes for a very straining, painful and disconnected time. I want you to remember, IVF isn’t always a last resort either – I also see people who are told they will never have children, fall pregnant. But, by some tiny miracle, they do. Trust me, it happens.

Over to Candace and Chris.


The Period Party – Podcast #75

Busy mums, professionals – heck all humans UNITE!  You are going to totally want in here.  Does meditation overwhelm you?  Too hard?  Too boring? Too… time wasting?  (actually none of these are an excuse but anyway…)  In episode #75 we chat with none other than new author, TV host, mum of 5 and all round legend Bex Borucki (her book ‘You Have 4 Minutes to Change Your Life’ has literally just hit shelves!  4 minutes?  I want IN!  Her claim to fame – she found mediation through SHOPLIFTING!  Um yes you read right.  Time to listen in me thinks!


4 Interesting Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight AND Something to Help

Sponsored post thanks to NUBODY.

Let’s be honest, part of feeling healthy is loving the skin you are in.  Weight is often a very touchy subject, it can come with a host of misconceptions, ideals and negative attention all wrapped into one.  Let it be known, I’m ALL about healthy weight and so when the team from NUBODY reached out about their new program targeted at new mums and busy people like myself, I was intrigued so I set myself up as a guinea pig, to see if it really was all that.  But a little more on that later.

There can be a host of reasons why you might find it hard to keep weight in check.  I for one am not exempt.  For me, my stress pretty much directly dictates the scales which is just one of the many reasons I’m motivated to help others not only through my own experience but also based on those I see walk in my clinic doors.  So let’s talk about it.  Why is it that one person only needs to look sideways at a plate of pasta and it goes straight to their hips and another can eat it all day with little or no effect.  There are many reasons and today I’m keen to chat about a few.  It’s important for me to add – I don’t actually use scales.  I threw them out with my low fat cottage cheese in 1993.  I’d prefer to help you feel good – inside and out.  So here goes;