My Favourite Finds

I often stumble across little gems of information that I want to do nothing more than share – more often than not, they are to help YOU be the best version of you.  Check back in here regularly as I’m constantly updating this page with my latest FINDS!

Interested in learning more about gut health? Check out the Supercharge Your Gut Summit which features 30+ gut health experts from around the world (including ME!). The 5-day summit kicks off on Oct 12th – click through to register now!

Want better sleep, better sex, and even better parking karma? Reduce your stress and up level your performance from the boardroom to the bedroom with online meditation training, zivaMIND with Emily Fletcher. Register now for her ONCE A YEAR interactive training – click through for more info.

About Birth is a a comprehensive, six-part antenatal course brought to you by childbirth educators, healthcare professionals and real-life parents. I love the resource that Jules and Lael have created here, and want to share the love with you – click through to save 15% off the program cost.

What’s a Soulpreneur? The Soulpreneurs signature course is a one-of-a-kind all-inclusive training program, that teaches you how to build an abundant career and soulful, successful business.

Come join me and your new tribe of fellow @soulpreneurs.

If you’ve been listening to The Period Party, then you’ll know (and LOVE!) Nicole Jardim. She has just launched an update to her Fix Your Period course. If you suffer through your period (or lack thereof), head over to her new site and take the quiz to see which program is best suited to helping you.

I LOVE the team at Karmic! So much so, we’ve joined together to bring you the Balancing Cleanse! Created by me for KARMIC, this 3 day treat will do your insides (and hormones) a whole lot of good! Created with Chinese Medicine principles in mind, you know it’s going to be good!

Need a gorgeous posy to spruce up your home or office today? Hi Petal work with local and seasonal botanical produce, sourcing Melbourne’s freshest flowers and plants from quality Victorian suppliers to bring you the most beautiful styled posies, perfect for any occasion, event or celebration. Check out Hi Petal! Their blooms are gorgeous.