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Don’t google it… you’ll have cancer for sure!

Have you been joining in our recent Facebook LIVE chats?  They are F to the U.N.  Midweek, I jumped on and chatted away to over one thousand people, all asking questions and hanging out together.  You know why so many people have since watched the LIVE video? The topic – Why Everything You Google Ends Up Telling You You’ll Get Cancer… We didn’t get so much to the bottom of that (which is why I’m back here today) but we did get about answering so many women’s health questions.  I know you want factual information, which is why I love to dedicate 30 minutes each week to you on Facebook, to really start to make waves around your own health.  It’s super important after all.


Forget winging it, I’m mumming it…

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Driving to work recently, I had the realisation that I’ve had many times before – I was completely failing with the whole working mum/school holiday juggle.  You’ve heard the saying too many balls in the air? Mine were all dropping faster than I could actually think or act, like hot pies splatting on the concrete. It didn’t feel nice.  The kids would talk to me, but I was absent – my mind was on other things, trying to remember what hadn’t been ticked off for the day or the conversations I needed to have to staff or colleagues. Chris would have asked me twelve times to bring magnesium home from work, I kept forgetting.  The overdue bills knocked, not because we couldn’t pay them, but because I just kept darn on forgetting.


Why your weight is the symptom and not the problem

When I originally wrote this post, I’d just jumped off the weeks webinar with Lisa Corduff.  If you’ve missed the series you can sign up here AND not only will you register for GRAND FINALE webinar next Wednesday evening but also you’ll get ‘back paid!’ That is, the three already aired live recordings will be yours too (one on hormones one on weight and last night we chatted all things thyroid)!  The topic of weight got me all inspired because we are so fixated on it, yet it’s the constant bane of so many of our lives.

I’m guilty.  I’ve watched my weight go up and down over the years quicker than I can burn off last nights dinner.  I get it.  We (collectively) are fascinated by it – some of us not necessarily willing to admit.  Yet the older I get (and the more I understand my body) the less obsessed I’m becoming – because straight up, weight doesn’t define health.


Turning up the volume on that internal GPS

To me, it feels like life continues to get more complex the older we get.  There’s more to question, more life experience and let’s face it, there are more people that come along and make us dissect what we know as real.

I know I’ve touched on the fact that the past two months have been testing – that’s actually the watered down truth of the matter.  Life has been tipped on it’s butt and I’ve been standing here trying to make sense of it all.  But when I look at my life and the compartments it comes with, there’s one outstanding rule that applies across the board.

It goes like this…


How I’m saving my boobs with no more underwires

It’s come to a time in my life where I’ve decided for the most part, that I’m ditching my underwire bras. Let me say, I’m not really keen on free flowing it.  I’ve had babies aaand I’ve breastfed.  You do the math.  It’s some type of special algebraic equation that involves stretching and sagging beyond what the mind should ever have to comprehend.  But put that aside, because that’s not my reason for leaving the humble wired bra behind.  For me it’s come to that time where I must put my breast health first.