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How To Be A Smart and Healthy Traveller

Travel is seemingly my new middle name.  And if you don’t believe me, you could ask to see my flyer status – I’m not bragging, not by any means. In fact as glamorous as it once sounded to me, I’d more than often, much rather be in my own bed with my own book next to my big teddy bear (the husband) or wedged between a couple of offspring.

So I’ve clocked up some miles as of late (just shy of 50 flights in 2017), spent the middle part of the year down and out and constantly unwell as a result.  I realised that travel was making me sick and I needed to work out a few hacks because it wasn’t ending anytime soon.

But truthfully I do love to see new places and try new things and don’t get me wrong, I love a holiday!  You’ve been asking for my travel tips so I’ve wrapped it up here for you.

I’ve uncovered a few amazing fixes that can really take your health to a new peak, that don’t involve a tronic sleep pod or an unkind sleeping pill that only leaves you feeling like you’ve been through the turboprop backwards.

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Why I ditched Meditation & Did This Instead

I’m not very good at meditating probably because I’m not very good at sitting still. Every single damn time somebody would mention the word ‘meditation’ I’d roll the eyes in the back of my head  – I envied those who could meditation.  I wish I had their determination, strength, will power… stamina.  I saw people change their lives with meditation yet it was all a little too much for my exploding mind.  Truth told,  I had very little desire to meditate because it seemed so flipping hard but always happy to pile more on my plate.  Always.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Emily Fletcher, a now friend who helps people ‘do les to achieve more.’  I’ve shared her with you before here.  With my rapidly ever growing plate that I seemed determine to keep piling up I realised something had to change and she gave me answers.  I knew meditation was part of the answer yet I wasn’t disciplined enough to do it because my simple brain thought meditation was about powering it all down, quietening the mind, pulling out the plug and disconnecting and if I couldn’t do that, then I was failing at meditation.  Plus, that just didn’t appeal to me.

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Let’s Cleanse… It’s FREE (and amazing)


Liver – step aside, gut health – take a seat, heart care – we’ve got you, emotional wellbeing – it’s a big TICK.  Your hormones are about to get happier.  It’s Spring and it’s time to feel great.

Cleanse Yourself – the 5 day Cleanse Course is here for you! 

No matter how healthy you are, there’s never been a better time to cleanse – it’s SPRING and it’s wonderful.  But even if you are on the other side of the planet (I feel for you… I just adore summer and saying goodbye is H A R D), it’s the perfect time to cleanse.  Either your gearing up for summer or you body needs some TLC post summer.  I’ve come to learn through clinical experience the body functions so much better when it runs tidy and unpolluted. This means flushing out the liver, keeping our gut happy and ensuring our digestive system is in fine working order; it makes way for a clean system that can function at it’s best; helping balance hormones and on the whole, we are nicer people for it.  But also, there are so many illnesses running rampage in this big wide world of ours. We need to be reminded that our bodies aren’t punching bags and they are forever in need of some tender loving care.  The first step in creating way for a healthier body for me, is to cleanse. Whilst it isn’t the magic button for treating disease, it begins the process of setting up the foundation toward wellness, clearing out the backlog and giving the body a little break. We don’t necessarily associate the build up of toxins and a sluggish digestive system as stress, but this is absolutely how your body sees it. When we address excess stress and unnecessary load, we create space within ourselves to thrive.

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Join Me Tonight – FREE Nuts & Hormones Webinar!

Here’s something I thought would be fun (and I’ve not ever done it before…), you’re invited to join me TONIGHT 8pm (AEST) for a special webinar where we can talk NUTS!

I’m constantly inundated with questions about my very special product, Yo’Nuts – which ones are best for you, why and how it all works and how it came to be.

So tonight, in a very special event, I’m hosting a FREE webinar that you’re invited to join (sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, I kinda forgot!).  Space is limited but there is still room for more – now’s your time to pick my brains all things hormones and see if we can come up with some simple solutions – because SIMPLE is my speciality.