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The time has come.  Too many lamingtons, too much pavlova, christmas pudding and all that jazz.  I hear you – your insides are literally screaming for some TLC.  My friend, I have something for YOU.
Ready to feel fresh, vibrant, light and amazing?



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Think clearer thoughts, brighter skin, no bloating and a happy digestive system – it’s all about to become your reality!  Christmas and the New Year celebrations may have had their way with you – but more to the point, we give our body’s quite the ride expecting a lot back. Our modern diet, lifestyle, things like the pill, antibiotics and other environmental factors all contribute to the immense load our systems face daily and our gut (and liver) seems to take the biggest punch along the way.

It’s so important that we take time to allow these toxins to move out of our body and to replenish the good bacteria that our digestive system needs to function well and have us thriving on all levels. It’s for this reason that my cleanse programs have been created.  The full blown version, Cleanse Yourself was designed to take you towards your best. We’ve been so inspired by the thousands that have loved the program that we’ve created THIS special 5 day course that’s FREE to join.  All we’ve done is taken the 5 day menu from the current Cleanse Yourself program and made it available to you so that you can join in on the fun and challenge yourself to just 5 days to a newer you – for FREE!

This is not a diet!  Consider this a gorgeous clean out for your insides!

What’s included? You’ll receive the 5 day menu including your handy shopping list, all the recipes included plus pre + post cleanse tips.

How is this different from the Cleanse Yourself program? The Cleanse Yourself program takes things one step further and includes your cleansing regime, tips and tricks to get you through as well as background information of why you cleanse and how this can help your specific health concerns.  This is not in the 5 day course.  Consider the 5 day course an introduction to cleansing.

Now, can anybody join in? Almost!  I know it will be the question on the lips of expectant and breastfeeding mothers, those on medications and with known health issues.  I’m here to tell you that I’ve had plenty of mums and mums-to-be cleanse in the past who have come back with outstanding feedback.  You most certainly can cleanse in these cases. Most importantly I encourage you to listen to your body, no matter what and modify the cleanse to suit your needs. Children under the age of 16 need to seek parental permission and support to cleanse and the elderly or those with a known health condition consult their health care professional before changing any regime.


What will I expect from the 5 day course? A good cleanse is like a holiday – you can expect some or many of the following;

+ clearer skin (bye bye acne/eczema/psoriasis)

+ brighter eyes

+ weight loss (including fluid retention)

+ less bloating/improved digestion (happy bowels)

+ happy hormones (doesn’t have to equal babies you know – it’s simply a thriving reproductive system)

+ balanced moods

and the list honestly goes on.


Brace yourself you’re about to join me for a 5 day fast track to your new improved and awesome self!  I’m here to hold your hand.  The course schedule is set out to give you some time to prepare, it counts down the days until you start and helps to hold your hand along the way to ease your way into the 5 days of cleansing.  Plus, you’ll be invited to the Facebook group where all the cleansing peeps are hanging out, talking about their progress.

There’s so much support, all right there for you.  I can’t wait to see where this takes you – the feedback we receive is continually of praise for this program.  Now it’s your turn to join!  See you in there.

*if you’ve previously opted to join the cleanse program and not received the emails, please subscribe again.  We’ve fixed the glitch that so many of you experienced!  If an email doesn’t hit your inbox within the hour, please email us –



The FREE 5 Day Recharge Challenge is coming to an End…


Have you cleansed with me?  Some may say, you’ve been missing out on that extra spark of vitality you’ve been searching for if the answer is no.  We’ve been offering various cleanse programs for over 5 years now and what started out as an experiment, very quickly blossomed into something bigger than I expected.  And here we are years later with several versions on offer.  Go us!

Before I dig into the last hurrah of the FREE 5 Day Recharge Challenge, here’s what we’ve got! (and the difference between them all)

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Episode 8 – The Recap Episode

What a year it has been!  In this episode of The Wellness Collective Podcast, we look over the past 7 episodes, what we’ve learnt, what we’ve loved, what we thought was hilarious and everything in between.  A light hearted listen to set you up for the year ahead and close the door on 2016.

Happy New Year to ALL!


Well that was fun, wasn’t it!? Let’s make 2017 flipping amazing!

Happy New Year to YOU!  Now that it’s all done and dusted, I’m so ready to help you take your health to the next level and whilst I’m not into new year resolutions, I’m totally into fresh starts and kicking goals, so I’m here to say we’re coming to a town near you!  If you’re yet to get your ticket for the Wellness Collective Tour, wait no more.  In some towns we are still on early bird sales – but for others, our pending date is approaching!

The tour sees me in Mildura first up, on the 4th of February, followed by Warrnambool on the 11th of Feb and then Adelaide on the 18th of Feb.  What a way to kick off!  For the rest of our tour dates, more information and to find out what all the fuss is about and why you must join us, head to my events page here.

2017 really is the year to make your health, your priority and I’m here to show you how, help you build your local community of like minded people, connect women and really help you take charge of your wellbeing.

I can’t wait to see you there!  I’d love for you to share this with anybody you’d like to see come along and not only make 2017 yours, but something else you love too.

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The Best and Worst of 2016

Reflecting on the year, I thought it would be fun to look back and pick out the best and worst of 2016.  I’m not going to lie or sugar coat it, it’s been one HELL of a year and not in a high five, ‘that was a hell of a year’ kinda of way but more like a daily hands held up in the air mouthing to the sky ‘you’ve got to be damn kidding me,’ kinda way.  I say good riddance to bad rubbish.  2016 I’m glad to see the back of you and I really actually do hope that the door hits your sorry butt on the way out.  Slam that door shut, I’m ready for the next chapter.

As challenging as it has been, I’m grateful for the experience to grow and for the constant reminders and reality check, my beautiful family and I have our health and we are all happy and hand on heart – that’s really all that matters.  We have love and that gets us through.  Without the downs you can’t have the ups and without the sideways you can’t grow.  So I’m here, I’ve grown (again) and I’m armed with a sharper mind, a few more grey hairs and hopefully some extra wisdom thrown in the mix.  Enough of the pity party, let’s look at this year in a flash.