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Join Me Tonight – FREE Nuts & Hormones Webinar!

Here’s something I thought would be fun (and I’ve not ever done it before…), you’re invited to join me TONIGHT 8pm (AEST) for a special webinar where we can talk NUTS!

I’m constantly inundated with questions about my very special product, Yo’Nuts – which ones are best for you, why and how it all works and how it came to be.

So tonight, in a very special event, I’m hosting a FREE webinar that you’re invited to join (sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, I kinda forgot!).  Space is limited but there is still room for more – now’s your time to pick my brains all things hormones and see if we can come up with some simple solutions – because SIMPLE is my speciality.


How to NOT get sick when travelling (like I did!)

As you may have seen, the last 6 months have brought with it a lot of travel, through the Wellness Collective tour as well as life (#life).  I learnt the hard way on the immune front that flights take the wind out of you and wound up pretty unwell for the later part of the tour.

Today, I head to San Diego for the annual Mindshare Summit, which I am BEYOND excited about but what’s more, I’ve also in the lead up been flying.  What’s been most interesting is that after feeling really unwell (6 weeks of a barking cough and chesty stuff) after the tour, I knew something had to change.  I’ve discovered travelling requires the right tricks, and I’m pretty sure that you want in, because quite frankly learning the hard way really isn’t fun.

So here’s the swag of goods I’ve got for you, to help take your travel and actually your life from living on the edge to an almost insurance policy on your health.  In fact, travel or not, these goodies will save you.

There’s a lot going on AND you could score via the GIVEAWAY!

Not my traditional blog post – more of an update that you benefit from because there’s a LOT going on.

I’ve been rather unwell this week, which hasn’t left me with enough time to be letting you know some of the wonderful things happening in NK land.  So here goes;

The Wellness Collective FINALE Melbourne

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This is NEXT weekend!

This event is not to be missed as we partner with   my most favourite venue – Greenfields right here in Albert Park.   We are going to dig into women’s health to look at what is putting our hormones into a tizz and how you can begin to pave the way for change.  It’s for all ages and all stages, meaning you must grab your mum, your sister and your bestie and treat them to a morning like no other!

Now for those who have purchased a ticket, good work because you’re going to automatically be in the running to get your hands on the following… and for those yet to purchase, if you do so by this coming Monday, you will also be in with a chance.

Purchase your tickets here and be in with a chance to score 3 x 1 hour sessions with me to use as you please!  For consultation, treatment, mentoring, business advice – it’s totally up to you!  But you need to act fast, because come Monday this offer is no more.  This special little giveaway is valued at over $1000!


My New Friends Set On Saving Your Hormones – Pure Papaya Care.

It takes a crap load of anything to shock me these days, but what I’m about to tell you, I’m pretty sure will shock you too. In fact it’s almost a health and safety announcement.  Now, before I go on, it needs to be said, this is indeed a sponsored post, but not of the regular variety.  I’m genuinely excited through to my knickers about this announcement. I’m the new brand Ambassador for the freshly relaunched Pure Papaya Care and I feel the absolute need, as if being pulled in a direction by the moon itself to share with you the story of Pure Papaya Care because, you’re health literally depends on it.


Work In Progress – My Eco Friendly Bedroom

I began my quest for happier and healthier hormones years ago – mostly inspired by patients knocking down my door wanting answers.  I overhauled almost every corner of being and began encouraging others to do the same, starting by eliminating nasty chemicals in my cleaning products, I ditched plastics where possible, I switched my favourite shampoo for a more hormone loving version (which thankfully I now love!) and my skin care and makeup is for the most part all natural too.  It’s fair to say, I was doing a pretty good job at keeping my hormones loving me right.  If you’re new to this caper, chemicals found in conventional body products, household cleaning items, food containers and our makeup are all known endocrine disruptors.  In other words – these things are having their way with your health.

But I knew there was still more work to be done and so when we moved house early this year, I decided to do my best towards making my bedroom more eco friendly and I began switching out various items that were also adding to this endocrine disrupting chemical pile.  Turns out, chemicals are literally everywhere and whilst some of you have messaged me to remind me that everything is made of chemicals, I’m talking about those that are synthetic and toxic, not those found readily in nature; after all nature has it all figured out.