Fix Your Hormones with Seed Cycling & Yo’Nuts

You’ve heard me go on a bit about seed cycling before.  In fact, nothing has changed since that original post back in 2013 besides the fact that (drumroll please)……… we now have our very own Seed Cycling product to make life easy for you!!  Hello Yo’Nuts Seed Cycling Mix!

Truth is, if you cycles are a bit iffy, if you feel ‘hormonal’ or feel your hormones are a little out of kilter, seed cycling is here to help.

Here’s how.  Using specific ‘seeds’ (like sesame and pumpkin seeds) at various times of your cycle, you can help naturally balance what your hormones should already be doing (but might be struggling due to lifestyle, diet, environment and the rest).  These amazing ingredients have their own superpowers to help take your hormones from struggle street to happy days!

Healthy Hormone Series

Healthy Hormone Series – Progesterone (your secret metabolism boosting weapon)

It’s been a few weeks in-between the Healthy Hormone Series (because we’ve been preoccupied launching tours and giveaways and getting ourselves Christmas READY!!) – but I’m back today with another hormone to add to your belt – Progesterone!  You might have heard me (and many others) speak about progesterone as the hormone that kicks in when we ovulate.   It’s known as the calming hormone and we all could do with ensuring it’s in balance to get the most out of our health.

Produced by your ovaries as well as by your placenta during pregnancy whilst known as a ‘calming’ hormone it is energetically a ‘yang’ hormone – in that it is very active and raises your metabolic rate, hence raising your temperature in the later stages of your cycle as well as during pregnancy.

Progesterone also has an affect on your thyroid, enhancing it’s hormone effects which is how it aids in boosting your metabolism and aids in eliminating excess body fluid as well as having an impact on your insulin levels, keeping them in check.  There’s a lot to love about progesterone. Your secret little weapon to a happier and more balanced, lighter you.


The Period Party – Episode #65 (how did we miss it!)

OH my!  How did we miss THIS?  I seemed to jump ahead of myself and skipped episode #65!  It’s not one to be missed, so without keeping you any longer, it’s all of the wonderful Dr Maria Snyder!

We’re talking Hormone and Period Support with Essential Oils.  Pretty timely ‘ey? Especially with next week’s pending event (have you signed up to join us? You can do that here)


Meet My New Product! Yo’Nuts are a GO!

The day is finally here – after many months in the making, my new product Yo’Nuts have arrived!   I couldn’t be more excited.  Sometimes life throws you lemons and with those lemons, you’ve got to make lemonade!  We’ve been trying to launch Yo’Nuts for several weeks but for a variety of reasons, a force clearly bigger than me made the decision – today is the day and I’ll be shouting that from the rooftops!

A little back story on Yo’Nuts….

Healthy Hormone Series

Healthy Hormone Series – Oestrogen explained

The most female of all hormones, oestrogen often gets a bad wrap because for many women, let’s just say, the struggle is real. When oestrogen is out of balance, life can be tough. Here’s why. Whilst oestrogen is predominantly made in your adrenal glands (those also responsible for release of our stress hormones as we learnt here and here), it is an anabolic hormone also released from fat cells, especially after menopause but not limited to. The trouble is, the more fat cells release oestrogen, more fat cells can be made and more oestrogen released… not good news for your thighs and hips!  But what’s more, many of our gynaecological issues may be related back to excess oestrogen.

Whilst it sounds like oestrogen is a major pest in your life, I’m here to help you fall back in love with each and every hormone because they all play an equally vital role. Oestrogen is a key player in your monthly cycle much like your favourite full forward football player. She doesn’t just work alone however, the right mix of progesterone and oestrogen can be the difference between you and your happier cycle. What you may not know is that oestrogen is actually made up of three hormones.