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Episode 10 – Turning Back Your Fertility Clock with Aimee Raupp

Been told your biological clock is ticking?  Nobody knows this more than Aimee Raupp, natural fertility expert and woman after my own heart as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Author.  I adore Aimee’s passion for natural health and fertility and I could possibly chat with her all day long.  Not only is Aimee a world leader in combining Natural Fertility, assisted conception and Eastern treatments, she has helped thousands of couples achieve their dreams of becoming parents – we are in good company ladies!

Aimee’s love for fertility was further sparked when she became a mother after her 40th Birthday (hoorah!)  proving that age may not be as much of a barrier as we are lead to believe.  What’s more, Aimee is gearing up to ensure her body is baby ready to conceive again, something she know she’s good at!  After all, if we can’t practice what we preach, we’re in a bit of a pickle.


PCOS or your cycle gone AWOL? Let me introduce Intermittent Fasting!

Thought about fasting?  Never had I ever thought this could be a good idea until one night I watched a documentary with Michael Mosley and it got my mind in a spin.  Everything I had ever been taught about hormone health was being thrown out the window when it came to eating habits.  In the 80’s and 90’s we were taught that we needed to eat small and often, keeping our metabolism stimulated.  Fast forward to the present and research supports a variety of ideas about how and when we should eat.  What does it tell us.  Never say never.  Sidestep for a second if you will.  What we know today, we will learn something new tomorrow no doubt, but in the essence of always having our finger on the pulse and adapting to each breakthrough we discover, it truly is a trap to become set in our ways.  And there we have it – fasting.  Who ever thought this could be good for our health and our hormones?


5 Supplements That May Safely Save Your Hormones

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It can be a confusing world out there.  So many different supplements, so many reasons to take them. Then, we’re told maybe they are a scam, they are ineffective and a waste of your good, hard-earned dollars.  Yes, it’s super confusing and of course fear creeps in.  Fear is not a great place to make a choice from, ever.

But since every single cell in your body requires nutrients to work and our soils aren’t necessarily able to pass on those nutrients any longer (because we’ve kinda sterilised them…), supplements have become essential for almost all of us living in the western world.  Of course, oils aint oils, meaning that not all supplements are made the same.  It’s important we consider how they are prepared, where they are sourced and manufactured. Usually a very simple test will tell you.  You get what you pay for.  There is a vast difference between many over-the-counter or supermarket brands as opposed to those you can get your hands on via your local practitioner. It’s not to say you shouldn’t take either but know when you need what. That is where the difference lies.


Fix Your Hormones with Seed Cycling & Yo’Nuts

You’ve heard me go on a bit about seed cycling before.  In fact, nothing has changed since that original post back in 2013 besides the fact that (drumroll please)……… we now have our very own Seed Cycling product to make life easy for you!!  Hello Yo’Nuts Seed Cycling Mix!

Truth is, if you cycles are a bit iffy, if you feel ‘hormonal’ or feel your hormones are a little out of kilter, seed cycling is here to help.

Here’s how.  Using specific ‘seeds’ (like sesame and pumpkin seeds) at various times of your cycle, you can help naturally balance what your hormones should already be doing (but might be struggling due to lifestyle, diet, environment and the rest).  These amazing ingredients have their own superpowers to help take your hormones from struggle street to happy days!

Healthy Hormone Series

Healthy Hormone Series – Progesterone (your secret metabolism boosting weapon)

It’s been a few weeks in-between the Healthy Hormone Series (because we’ve been preoccupied launching tours and giveaways and getting ourselves Christmas READY!!) – but I’m back today with another hormone to add to your belt – Progesterone!  You might have heard me (and many others) speak about progesterone as the hormone that kicks in when we ovulate.   It’s known as the calming hormone and we all could do with ensuring it’s in balance to get the most out of our health.

Produced by your ovaries as well as by your placenta during pregnancy whilst known as a ‘calming’ hormone it is energetically a ‘yang’ hormone – in that it is very active and raises your metabolic rate, hence raising your temperature in the later stages of your cycle as well as during pregnancy.

Progesterone also has an affect on your thyroid, enhancing it’s hormone effects which is how it aids in boosting your metabolism and aids in eliminating excess body fluid as well as having an impact on your insulin levels, keeping them in check.  There’s a lot to love about progesterone. Your secret little weapon to a happier and more balanced, lighter you.