Boxing Day Sale

Never Before 60% OFF eCourses

Never before have we ever had any of our courses on sale for 60% less.  I mean, that’s around $20 (depending on which course), making it very possible for you to sign up to all 4 on offer!  This offer won’t be around for long, so be QUICK STICKS and take advantage.  You know your hormones might be to blame for your post Christmas bloat right?

Simply click here and apply the code BOXINGDAY at checkout to save a bucketload.  Offer ends Midnight 31st Dec 2016.  Happy days ahead!  Share this one with your bestie, she’ll love you forever.


Debunking Contraception – the LIVE event.


Over the past 3 or so years, I’ve toured Australia several times with our Debunking Events.  First there was Debunking Ovulation, then came Debunking PCOS followed by Debunking Stress.  When the thyroid epidemic hit, we heard your cries for help and so we created Debunking your Thyroid.  I said that was it, we were done.  Well, it seems you should never say never.  Over time it’s become increasingly obvious to me that we needed to address the epic topic of Contraception.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  In an attempt to help you get answers, I’m so excited to reveal to you our upcoming event, Debunking Contraception.

Let’s face it.  Fear is not fun.  We’ve feared getting pregnant for so long, we’ve been pushed into using contraceptions that come with a body bag full of issues, yet, because we’re still living from this same place of fear, we’re not doing much about it.  It’s time to remove the fear from the topic of contraception. To open a dialogue, informing and empowering YOU to make the best decision for you!


Debunking your Thyroid – THE ECOURSE

Introducing….. the much awaited, hugely anticipate and from what I can tell most talked about e-course I’m yet to launch – Debunking your Thyroid the ecourse is now available!

Click on the promo video below to learn about how you are about to supercharge your wellbeing with Debunking your Thyroid!

Head to and please don’t be shy to share the love and share the vibe!  Be telling your friends how they too can change it up and start living the life they’ve been put on this planet for!

DT ecourse graphic 3

Debunking your Thyroid – THE ECOURSE


We’ve literally just stepped off the plane to arrive home from touring Australia with our event Debunking your Thyroid.  We had an absolute blast brining the latest Debunking event to you Australia!  But now it’s time to share with the WORLD how they too can tap into their sweet spot and supercharge their wellbeing – with Debunking your Thyroid the ecourse!


40% OFF ECOURSES until June 30

I’m mad for a sweet sale and for making our information accessible to as many people as possible, SO for  a limited time you can get 40% off ALL e-courses!

To tap into the love, simply use the code word SALE40 at checkout for Debunking Ovulation, Debunking PCOS and Debunking Stress.  This is the first time we have offered the Debunking Stress e-course on sale!

There’s something for everybody with each of the e-courses.

If you’re curious as to which would suit you best, here’s the quick low down.